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The beginning of this year will be good for your health but Malefic energies of South Node may keep on creating some small health problems. Gradually, you will realize better health status.

Though your energy levels may remain good you may at times face uncomfortable situations around the middle of February. Not to worry though.

Barring some minor seasonal problems your health may remain in good shape. Health wise, you won’t face much problem so you will be able to feel fresh and energetic from around mid of March.

It will grant you good results for your health and fitness. You will witness positive change in your life style.

Your health status is likely to improve gradually as the year advances as you will be much more spirited and motivated to keep your health in good shape. Improving your habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle may help you to achieve your fitness goals.

It will be essential for you to channelize your energy in right direction. Planet will be making harmonious aspects on your energy levels.

The favourable impact of Jupiter could boost your immune system. However, the period around June also looks injury prone hence you are advised not to take any physical risk.

Also, there may be some stomach related issues hence your food habits may require changing. This phase may demand you to adopt a healthy life-style and follow strict discipline in order to maintain your health.

Energy levels are likely to drop but you are likely to regain vitality due to the support of Mars. More favourable support of planets from around the ending part of August may help you maintain your health.

During the latter part of year, health will improve gradually, but routine health regime is of more than usual importance and can lead you to wider benefits. You may feel much more energetic and motivated to keep yourself healthy.

Your energies will be up to the mark around the month of October and hence you will be more comfortable and confident with your health status. If you are suffering from any ailments, it will help you to recover fast.

The period around the year end can be pretty productive phase for your health and fitness. Health wise your vitality will remain good.

Yearly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

In the beginning of this year, the complex energy of South Node indicates that this is not the right time to propose or to express your feelings. Mars indicates that your love life and relationship may go through tests and trials this time around. Here you need to act with caution as your hasty or abrupt actions may create more confusions in your personal life. However, if you have recently started seeing someone, there will be opportunities for developing the relationship further during the month of February. If you are already into relationship then time will need you to adjusting to temperamental disturbance with your partner, indicates Mars. Keep a check on negative emotions of anger and ego as the impact of Mars may bring misunderstandings this time around. Around the mid of March, Jupiter may make you feel very positive about your life and relationship. Under the influence of Venus, you are likely to desire more love, romance and intimacy and you may enjoy some wonderful moments with your beloved ones. You and your beloved are likely to enjoy your fair share of love due to the blessings of Venus around the month of April. But some personal problems seem to be creating a divide in your relationship due to the complex energy of South Node. So, you need to remain alert around the month of May. You may experience see-saw situations in you love life this time around. The impact of North Node may lead to a bad temper resulting in small quarrels in your relationship around the month of June. The impact of South Node may make you feel a little low as far as your love life is concerned till the end of July. But from around the month of August, there will be plenty of occasion to enjoy quality time with your beloved due to blessings of Venus. However, remember, whatever you say, act or react will leave a long-lasting effect on your beloved’s heart this time around. Do not worry, you will have ample support of Venus. The love is very much there. Your beloved may start getting attracted to you around the month of October. However, you need to keep patience as this may happen in a slow and gradual manner, suggests Saturn. Venus also calls for careful measures like tactfully handling relationship. The period around the month of November looks romantic phase owing to a favorably placed Venus facilitating love and relationship. If you are currently not involved with anyone, love and romance may come into your life as the year approaches its end, suggests the Venus.

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The beginning of this year can be the ideal time to put in action long conceived plan to boost your financial prospects. Instead of expecting quick income it is necessary for you to prepare your budget efficiently. You may get financial opportunities around the month of February but not all opportunities will turn out to be promising. Jupiter however indicates that your income will be stable, meeting your expectations. Under the influence of North Node, refrain from speculating in shady schemes and risky offers though. Under the influence of North Node, you may exhibit a tendency to flaunt your wealth which may hurt your financial planning around the month of March. The favourable impact of Jupiter may help you so around the month of April your financial goal will be achieved with efficient handling of your resources. You will gradually make progress and also stand to gain monetarily. Things may look little tight at financial front around the month of June but it will be good to pay more attention to long-term investments and savings. Some issues related to joint finances or inheritance may come to fore. You will feel relaxed and comfortable with your financial status from around the month of July. Venus would lead you towards more of enjoying all the possible material comforts and luxuries. Here you must avoid making any large purchase under the influence of Mars otherwise you will face problems to cover. The period around the month of August will help you to get your pending dues and hence your financial strength may become stronger. Positive vibes will follow due to the support of Jupiter and, as a result you will be able to manage your money matters efficiently during the latter part of this year. Pace of your financial progress is likely to start picking positive momentum thanks to Jupiter. As Mercury moves in your favour, discussion of important matters related to any pending financial issues or deals may prove to be fruitful around the month of November. Venus will however provoke you for unnecessary spending around the month of December which you will have to control in order to maintain your budget. On financial front, your planning is being disrupted by the impact of South Node to an extent. However, your balance sheet shall witness financial gains gradually around the year end.

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The impact of North Node may bring some problems and complex issues in your ongoing projects in the beginning of this year. If you are doing business, you would face some difficulties. There will be added responsibilities at your work place around the end of January, suggests Mercury. If you are doing business, negligence would not go down well in this phase. The impact of Mars may bring some complicated matters at your work place around the month of February. If you are doing business, you must not take undue risk. But gradually, you are likely to be motivated and work doubly hard to achieve your professional goals thanks to the power of Mars. Saturn may demand you to build upon your past decision in order to improve your efficiency at work place. If you are doing business, it will be supportive to explore new territory or launch a new product around the month of March. At career front, you may feel much more supported as around the month of April. If you are doing business, Mercury may demand you to take decision-related to major financial involvement after due deliberation. The impact of Jupiter may bring new opportunities for progress in your career. Due to the strong support of Mars around the month of May, you will be able to defeat the rivals, as well as get new and rewarding news in the workplace. There is a good time to start any new venture. Mars may help you to get success and will also get a good chance to expand the base of business. Growth opportunities will be pursuing you and Mercury will help you to formulate an effective strategy to score over competitors. So, you will see growth till around the mid of July. The period thereafter will not be so favourable at career front as the impact of North Node can be detrimental. Jupiter’s impact may help you to quite an extent amid some stiff challenges on the professional front. So not to worry, you have all the energy required to combat every situation. Mercury and Jupiter will help you around the month of September for conceptualization of your innovative ideas related to the development of your career. If you are doing business, Mars will bring some good deals to enhance business prospects around the month of October. At the same time, there will be a lot of urgency in your approach to remove the blocks as Mars will bring energy. A lot of things will be happening in your career around the month of December. Jupiter is likely to bring positive results in your endeavors as the year approaches its end.

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The year may begin with a positive note for your education but your over-confidence may, at times, make you take your studies, quite casually, and this can give rise to unnecessary problems. Mercury shows a favorable phase for your studies from around the mid of February. It is important to remain focused on your goals though. Your smart and intelligent actions will make you able to make good progress in your studies. You may find some good sources to improve your knowledge base. You may get easily distracted hence your performance in your studies may also dip to an extent as the year advances. So, you must keep focus on your studies. You will be able to focus on your academics and you should fare well in your examination due to Mercury’s support around the month of April. Also, around the month of May, the planets are in your favour and you will also remain motivated to perform well in your studies. However, some wrong move can disrupt your progress in studies around the month of June. Do not worry. Concentrate and give your full attention to your studies as you have enough planetary support as the year advances. Gradually, you will get a lot of opportunities to show your talents. You will enjoy the success in your studies and it will be great for your overall development from around the month of July. You will enjoy competition and will perform better. Saturn will force you to accept new challenges and tasks in your studies though. You must be careful around the month of September as your interest in studies might wane as lethargy and indulgence in entertainment will be apparent. A dip in your performance is expected here. Luckily, your mental position and concentration levels in terms of your academics is expected to be better during the latter part of year. With your determination and focus, you can rightfully make good progress and development in in your education. As the year approaches its end, you will be blessed with success due to your dedicated efforts despite some hiccup in your studies.

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