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Pisces Yearly Health and Well Being Horoscope


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The planetary transits may have a marked positive impact on your health in the beginning of this year. But as the month advances, South Node around might make you uncomfortable with your health and fitness level.

Mars may bring some fluctuations in your health around the month of February. But you will be keen to improve your fitness levels now.

It will have a significant positive impact on your energy level. Saturn around the beginning parts of March could make you susceptible to ailments.

Saturn presents a rather not so comfortable health proposition around the month of April as well. So take better care and go for preventive measures.

North Node indicates a possibility of some minor injury as well hence need to take adequate precaution and do not do things in a jiffy. Saturn demands special attention to your diet and eating habits.

Excessive work might result in physical pain and exhaustion around the month of May, which is why you need to manage your routine. North Node indicates chances of minor physical indisposition.

Exercising right, keeping patience and eating healthy food is the mantra for you to stay fit and fine during this phase. You will focus more on your health during the latter part of month and will make it a priority which could be a positive health signal.

Your health will improve gradually though Mars indicates that you may suffer from some headache and weakness at times. Also, increased pressure at work or hectic schedules in this period may drain your energy so you may feel that your energy levels will not be up to the mark.

You are required to avoid negative emotions here as it will affect your health. Your food habits may require changing else this may cause stomach upset or upset tummy around the month of September.

During the major parts after September, your health and fitness will generally remain better. Now you can expect to regain your vitality gradually.

You will start recovering from problems that you have dealt with, in the past. But you should ideally follow a disciplined lifestyle.

Good health status will also have a positive impact on your mood. However, overdoing anything can work against your health.

Yearly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

As the year begins, Venus indicates that you will have joyful relationship. Gradually, Mars will bring fresh opportunity for benefits through your social network as well as new contracts. Your relationship will get boost and will make you feel confident and secure. You can expect to have better understanding with your beloved ones and Venus will help you to create strong foundation of relationship. But Mars indicates opposition or resistance from family members on important relationship issues. If you are single, Venus may bring opportunity to enter a relationship around the month of February. Venus will raise chances to meet someone and begin a new chapter of relationship. But South Node may bring some problems in your relationship around the month of March. Also, this will not be the right time to propose or to express your feelings if you are not in a committed relationship. As the year advances, Venus may bring stability and you would get happiness in your relationship. It will bring positivity and optimism in your love life. It will support you hence the period around the month of April can be the time to take decisive steps to take your relationship to the next level of harmony and joy. But you need to be careful as the impact of Mercury may bring insecurities or miscommunication regarding the future of your relationship around the month of May. However, the expansive impact of Jupiter may act in your favour and likely to boost your love prospects from around the mid of June. Venus will set in fresh developments in your love life around the month of July. Venus may bring opportunity for romance and fresh relationship but South Node will have potential to disturb the equations dramatically which you must always keep in mind. Also, the North Node may bring period of illusion hence; you must also understand the complexity of its impact on your relationship. Saturn’s impact might also disturb your relationship to an extent. Give up your negative thoughts. Some sudden problems will be occurring in your relationship around the month of August but, you are likely to maintain a good heart and healthy attitude as the year advances. Your wish to bring about some dynamic and impressive changes in your love life will be fruitful. Due to the impact of Venus, your relationship matters start getting better. The period around the month of November may bring some refreshing experiences in your love life. Venus indicates that your activity in the social sector will increase and you may meet old friends and likely to end the year on a positive note.

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The beginning of this year could be a good time for long-term financial planning and strengthening your financial status. Although you may have steady improvement in your conditions and financial flow would be normal but there could be some commitment pressure as the year advances. Jupiter indicates a good time for long-term financial planning and strengthening your financial status around the month of February. It will help you to consolidate your financial status. Areas of work would expand leading you to better earning opportunities. Your financial status will improve gradually; however, you may also require to make systematic investments to derive desired financial growth. The period around the mid of March will be a good period to consolidate your financial position and to recover pending payments. Also, the impact of Jupiter will motivate you to put more effort into making money in order to make your life more comfortable and secure. Jupiter may bring clarity and you may now have the wisdom to implement your financial planning more efficiently. However, some rash decisions can be financially harmful and lead to economic losses so it is necessary to be careful around the ending part of April. Thankfully, Mars may denote good times for your finances and investments too from around the month of May. Financial benefits from your old investments are likely to empower your financial strength. But Mars will not be fully supportive so there can be some delays and difficulties in implementation of your financial planning around the month of June. South Node may bring some pressure on your financial status despite a good income during the latter half of July. But you will overcome the problems soon and the period from around August will be a good time and financially rewarding as well. However, you may have to be constantly focusing on your financial matters. The monetary investments you make around the month of October will yield benefits in the future. Mars foretells that you will have good luck in finances around the month of November. It indicates financial situation may change for the better as you are able to find a new sources of income.

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As the year begins, Jupiter will open up doors for new opportunities for you. If you are in business, you may improve your level of productivity. But there will be some challenges at your work place due to the impact of South Node as the year advances. Mars will be disruptive for your career advancement so be grounded and careful at your work place around the month of February. For business people the period around the end of February will be important as there will be some positive development in some of the pending matters. Now you will have to concentrate on your business objectives and administration. As the year advances, Saturn will force you to think about filling gaps in your work and sustained efforts to move on the road to success. Saturn may also demand you to work for extended hours to cover up your acquired commitments. Also, emotions are often more volatile. If you are in business, the pace of progress is likely to slow down around the month of April. you will need to harness the options available to you. Mercury may make you aware of the opportunities coming your way. This phase may remain favourable if you are doing business as well. Chances of new projects are also expected around the month of May. Mars could inspire you with some intelligent ideas to boost up your career. However, if you are in business, refrain from indulging in risky deals or projects. The latter half of year could be a very hectic period for you and you are likely doing some multi-tasking regarding career matters. There may be some disruptive forces in influence at your work place. If you are in business, Mercury may help you to aim big to build the business. Jupiter shall inspire you, bringing you some constructive ideas to boost your career prospects. If you are in business, you might get happy on bagging a new project or deal around the month of September. The ending part of year seems good for career growth and enhancement. Your seniors would give much importance to your opinions. But you should not become over-confident under the influence of Mars. As the year reaches its end, Jupiter is going to bring a new light to your life. Your hopes and desires will also materialize and overall, your career prospects seem to be very good. If you are in business, you will also accomplish deals and projects within required time.

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In the beginning of this year, your efforts will bring good results and, you are likely to make due progress satisfactorily in your studies. As the year advances, Mercury will remain favorable and this will make you very much focused and mentally sharp in your studies. It will make your learning easier. The period around the mid of March may present a difficult prospect for your studies. During the latter half, you will have considerable pressure and your efficiency may also suffer due to the impact of North Node. Mercury will not be so advantageous for your studies and this will make your somewhat lazy. But later in the month of April, it will make you receptive and you will find learning much more interesting and easier. Jupiter indicates a wonderful time for your academic activities around the month of May. Mercury will also help you in your studies and you will sail through your projects effortlessly and successfully. It can be a very good period for academic growth. The period around the month of June may bring excellent prospects for your studies and Jupiter suggests auspicious phase for pursuing higher education. You will have ample of planetary support to make progress in your studies but your social life shall be high on the agenda and that might cause some disturbances during the latter part of the year. However, Mercury will gradually make you able to expand your knowledge. You may be working hard to understand some complicated subjects in depth and your hard work will bring good results. The help of guidance of mentors and friends will help you to understand some complicated subjects easily and also enhance your performance in studies. Now you are all set to learn new topics and subjects in your academics. You will work more efficiently and will focus on your specific goal to attain success in your studies around the month of October. This will be a much better phase for your education. You are likely to learn complicated subjects well enough. You will have enough planetary support for your studies but you may remain engaged with some meaningless or irrelevant matters and hence you could not take advantage around the month of November. Mercury indicates that the period around the month of December will be a good phase for future planning of your educational journey. Jupiter is going to bring in a lot of positive changes in your education and will also help you get anything that you desire in terms of your studies.

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