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In the beginning of this month, Mars may affect your fitness to an extent and hence your health will be delicate. Get away from stressful situations to keep yourself healthy.

The impact of North Node can create negative thoughts and anxiety around the month of February and there can be the possibility of digestion problems. But as the year advances, Mars indicates good physical and mental energy.

There will be however strong need to revise your daily diet in order to avoid health issues. The period around the March end indicates some problems with the nervous system.

Most likely it will be due to increased pressure and hard work. Stars will gradually help you to improve the condition of your health.

The period from around the mid of April may bring harmonious impact on your health. But during the latter half of year, the impact of planets may give birth to fatigue factors.

There will be a feeling of laziness and stress. Give sufficient rest to your mind and physique both to keep yourself healthy.

Mars indicates that your energy levels may fluctuate and health may remain somewhat sluggish around the end of May. So, more attention should be paid to proper nutrition.

Saturn will force you to bring more discipline in your life which will be helping you building up strength and stamina. It will demand you to gradually reduce to a minimum or completely give up habit of alcohol and smoking.

The impact of Jupiter from around the month of August will help you handle your health in a better way. There are indications of facing some minor health issues but, you may be able to maintain your energy level.

This can be a much better phase for your health and fitness. But, some nagging issues may bother you around the month of October.

The impact of South Node may make your health vulnerable around this phase. Your health may remain good barring some minor fluctuations in your energy levels during the ending phase of this year from around mid of November.

The planets shall help you maintain your health efficiently during the ending part of this year. You will have good health status but you must not get overworked to maintain your fitness levels.

Yearly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

Venus indicates that the beginning of the year will be quite promising for your love life. Existing relationship will be full of romance. But there will be some serious differences with the elder members of the family. The month of February will bring plenty of good things to happen in your personal life. It will be highly romantic as well as passionate phase due to the combined impact of Mars and Venus. However, Mars indicates that you will be in a hurry to get into romantic relationship which may prove to be a mistake. Saturn suggests that there will be turmoil in the relationship with elder members of your family around the month of March. Also, you will be prone to conflicts with your partner this time around. Here the impact of South Node does not indicate a very cheerful time for family and relationship. As the year advances, it will be a mixture of both good and bad events in your love relationship. There will be some fierce agreements and disputes with your beloved as a result of Mars’ impact around the month of April. Take things in stride and rectify as needed. Venus indicates that romance and passion will dominate your mental horizon and likely to make you feel happy around the month of May. If you are in a relationship, your partner will be more affectionate and loving towards you this time around but you may feel somewhat confused about your love life than usual due to complex influence of South Node around the end of June. You will however have plenty of support from the Venus so expressing your love and emotions will become easier and that might bring soothing impact as the year advances. But you must keep in mind that the latter half of July will be very important and highly sensitive for your love life. The impact of South Node can change the equations of your relationship. Mercury indicates that discussing new things with your mate can deepen your connection considerably during the latter part of this year. Trusting you your instincts can lead you to an opportunity for romance and also Venus will calm you down gradually and thankfully some precious relations will be saved from irreparable damage. Venus indicates that your love life will be buzzing around the month of October. Mars will keep you energized and active on relationship front. On the personal life front, it would be better to go slow in matters of new relationships though. Under the influence of South Node some issues with your love life and intimacy may also come to fore around the month of November. Venus may however revitalize your feelings and you will be motivated to bring love and charm in your relationship as the year approaches its end.

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In the beginning of this year, finances may not be very promising. But Venus promises a window of gainful time around the end of January. Mercury indicates that you may have many ideas and strategies floating around in your mind to strengthen your financial but, it can be misleading and you may find it difficult to make headway during the month of February. The influence of North Node may lead to expenses related to family. However, you may have gradual improvement in flow of income. With various opportunities for financial gains coming your way, it will be important to approach them carefully. Also, due to adverse movement of South Node, there can be obstacles in getting the expected financial benefits. Planets can bring additional income through inheritance, joint ventures or from old investments in property or assets around the month of March. You are expected to get many favorable opportunities for financial gain from April and this phase may bring some good financial opportunities and growth potential for you. The flow of money will be stable but you should be wary as problems might arise out of the blue due to the complex energy of North Node around the end of May. You will also face some difficulties at financial front during the month of June. The period around the month of July may bring good times and this could be a financially rewarding period for you. Mercury may provide you with some good chances to resolve some pending money matters which were incomplete for some time now. You are in for some long-term gains but you may have to adopt solid planning and strategy in order to derive desired financial gains. Also, Mars may also prompt you to take some ambitious decisions for quick gain around the month of September which you must avoid in order to achieve your goals. During the last quarter of year, you are likely to work harder too which will help you make your financial status stronger. Mercury will steadily lead you towards the financial growth. It would bring some moments of amusement and bliss and it could also lead you towards financial gains around the month of November. This phase shall ensure that you manage to keep a good bank balance. But under the influence of Mars, your extravagance side comes to the fore as well. So, you must keep check on your spending in order to maintain your financial budget efficiently.

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In the beginning of this month, the impact of shadow planets does not foretell a good time for professionals. Saturn may also lead to delays in the execution of your ongoing projects. However, the combined impact of Jupiter and Venus indicates a delightful phase for professional growth from around the mid of January. If you are doing business, some impulsive actions or decisions might bring problems. The investments decisions have to be made by careful analysis though. The movement of South Node will not be so favourable for you around the month of February. Increments or promotions are hard to come. Mercury may however bring constructive changes on your professional front around the mid of February. If you are doing business, this can be a perfect time for expansion. Saturn will require you to toil harder for success in your career. Mars indicates the period around the mid of March will be highly productive for career progress. If you are in business, it will remain good for the completion of previously started projects. Jupiter will make you able to strengthen your position around the month of April. The period till June may bring some good growth opportunities amid problems created by Saturn. North Node could cause some problems in the workplace around the month of June. If you are in business, you will need to work harder to achieve your objectives. From around the mid of July, you may try to break the shackles as you will have ample support of Mars. There can be several visible opportunities to grab if you are doing business. You may keep yourself prepared as the impact of North Node may bring some sudden changes at your work place around the month of August. Some matters shall look uncertain till mid of September. Saturn will give you the fruits and benefits of your hard work after some delays and obstacles. Overall planetary positions seem to be aligned in your favour as the month of October begins. You will have luck by your side, if you are doing business. Jupiter will bring an opportunity to enhance your overall turnover. Saturn will make your working conditions bit challenging but future growth prospects will keep you preoccupied. Jupiter will bring a sense of passivity around the year end on the career front.

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In the beginning of this year, the stars will not be so promising for educational matters. But gradually, Mercury will make you able to achieve your goals and objectives in education with relative ease. It will bring many changes, as you will be moving into a new phase of your education. Due to various reasons, you may be felling some confusions regarding some important matters related to your education around the month of February. The impact of North Node can create negative thoughts and anxiety, but with the determination you will be able to manage make progress in your studies. As the year advances, due to strong support of Jupiter, you will be able to focus better and you will have stronger chances to achieve your goals in your studies. Mercury will bring number of challenges and opportunities simultaneously in your studies around the month of March. It will be an important phase as you will be taking on some big projects in your studies. If you aspire to international opportunities, this phase can also give you positive results. It will demand you to focus on self-study and analyze your progress till date. Saturn will require you to maintain a positive attitude, patience, and also do your research to meet your goals. South Node around the month of May can also cause some challenges, making your tasks difficult for academic growth. Saturn will demand you to work hard and make the best out of every opportunity that you get in your education. You may have to work hard to raise the standard of your performance till the month of August. The latter part of this year can be a good time for expanding your knowledge. This can be a phase of hope and opportunities for your studies and higher education. You are likely to make good progress in your education and related endeavors. It may also provide you with excellent opportunities to showcase your talents in your studies around the month of October. But Mars is going to bring in a lot of disturbance in your studies around the month of November. There will be distractions disturbing your concentration and there will be drop in your performance in studies. Thankfully, your sense of responsibility and focused approach towards your studies may help you to achieve good success around the end of this year.

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