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Capricorn Yearly Health and Well Being Horoscope


Capricorn Yearly


As the year begins, you may remain highly motivated to improve your fitness levels and your awareness may make you able to prevent any illness. Mars indicates that there may be some fluctuations in your health status around the month of February so you must avoid extremes at emotional or physical levels.

Here your energy level may not be up to the mark and there may be some seasonal health issues as well. Some stress may also affect your health so ensure managing it, by following a good fitness regime.

Your immune system and resistance power will remain good from around the end of March, suggests Saturn. But your better health status might make you somewhat careless about your health which might affect your fitness level to an extent.

Mercury indicates that there will be the possibility of digestion problems and intestinal weakness affecting your efficiency around the end of May. Your resistance power and your immune system will remain strong during the latter half but, there are chances of some stress and anxiety which might cause some uneasiness at times.

General health awareness and emphasis on wellness will help you keep fit during this phase. Your immune system and vitality will remain good but there is also the possibility of digestion problems around the month of October.

Due to the favourable impact of Saturn and Mercury, your mental and physical health will be cooperating you so you will be able to perform tasks in a better manner from the month of November. However, you might face some difficulty to keep up your health to usual scale during the first half of December.

But as the year approaches its end, your health may remain good and your productivity and fitness is likely to increase. Venus indicates that you may remain in good mood around the year end due to high energy levels.

Yearly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

As the year begins, Venus is likely to bring joy and harmony in your love life and relationship in general. The expansive impact of Jupiter may act in your favour and likely to boost your love prospects. Mars may bring opportunity to have some exciting encounters with your love one. If you are in committed relation, the period around the end of January will be good to take the relationship to the next level. Your love life will be exciting but, at times your stubborn approach is likely to make your relationship vulnerable during the month of February. A new relationship is likely to be formed, somewhere around the middle of February. But there may be some disturbances in relationship due to unnecessary lengthy discussions on some trivial issues. Mercury suggests that there may be conflicting views on some important relationship issue. Your love life may generally remain average around the month of March as you may be paying more attention to other areas of your life more. Due to the impact of North Node, your interactions with your beloved ones may become somewhat difficult around the month of April. Now planetary influences may force you to understand the equations of your relationship in order to raise the level of understanding. You may develop a romantic relationship but, you will not be able to talk to your mate freely due to the impact of Saturn. Due to the impact of North Node, a very dear relationship may undergo a major change around the month of June. Mars indicates that the period around the month of July can be a good period to try out new mediums to stimulate your love life. But under the influence of Mars, avoid taking impulsive actions as these will only cause some damage to your relation. Be open to new lovely experiences in your love life around the month of September. Here the impact of transiting planets will work well in helping you maintain harmony in most of your relationships. The period from around the month of October is indicative of favourable impact on relationship and matters related to love. Venus seems suitable for love relationship. If you are waiting to get a nod from the person of their choice may get so around the month of November. There are chances that your old friend comes calling around the month of December. Getting attracted to someone you know from the past will be high around the end of this year.

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As the year begins, the combined impact of Jupiter and Venus will give you some good opportunities for growth. Mercury’s impact suggests that you may need to review or recreate your financial plan. Gradually, your efforts might bring positive results and financial gain. But refrain from borrowing or lending as the impact of North Node indicates a somewhat tricky time around the end of February. Venus may bring a major change in order to fulfill your financial goals as the year progresses. Your solid financial planning shall help you to remove the obstacles and achieve the goals. Saturn indicates some unexpected expenses around the month of April which might disturb your financial planning to an extent. Planets may help you strengthen your financial status from around June. However, Mars may provoke you to take ambitious steps for financial gains. Investing money in any risky instruments may backfire. The period around the month of July may help you to manage your financial efficiently but, some commitment pressure may keep bothering you. You need to execute due caution while extending credit or making any important financial deals. Under the influence of Mars, you may be induced to take decision related to money quickly which might land you in trouble. Venus around the month of September is likely to provide you with good opportunity to strike some good financial deals. It will give an upward push to your finances during the latter part of year. The period around the mid of October will be a good phase for investing money in fixed assets, like a shop, vacant land or a residential property. Favourable planetary influences will be helping you perform with renewed efficiency and boost your financial prospects. Use the period around the month of November to review and revise your monetary strategies. You are likely to get some excellent opportunities to empower your financial strength as the year approaches its end. However, Venus indicates that your extravagance side comes to the fore and you may spend on amusement and pleasure.

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Venus is likely to bring some good opportunities for growth and gain in the beginning of this year. Some complicated issues may keep bothering you due to the impact of North Node but if you have your basics right, you may eventually get the success that you always deserve. Mercury may help you gain a greater understanding of the prevailing situation at your work place. Saturn may force you to work hard to achieve what you have set out to. Mars will bring many positive developments in your professional life around the month of February. If you are doing business, you may get some good opportunities to strike some big deals. You may have enough support of Saturn to strengthen your position in the beginning of this month. However, you need to keep a close watch on your productivity and performance around the month of March so that you can earn better place and appreciation. Around the month of May, you may not share an amiable relationship with your bosses, suggests Saturn. If you are in business, do watch out for your staff members and focus on employee welfare to win their confidence. Your career graph to go up gradually from around June and if you put in more efforts to improve your relations with coworkers, the growth will be even faster. If you are in business, you may have to adjust your sails according to the wind on the business front. The combined impact of Venus and Mercury may strengthen your position though there may be some stiff challenges in your way around the month of July. Also, you may feel tensions due to misunderstandings with colleagues at work, indicates the North Node There will be positive momentum gradually and the phase is likely to be favourable if you are doing business. Mars will make you feel excited about some new opportunities and would feel fresh at your place of work around the month of September. But, there will be some issues where you might indulge into arguments with peers and superiors and that might affect your progress. Uncertainty on business front may manifest in the beginning of October. Expect things to start rolling in your favour gradually due to the support of Venus. From around the month of November, you may feel sorted enough to make right career choices due to the support of Mercury. A good opportunity is likely to come knocking at your door. However, there may be some waiting period involved here. The period around the end of this year may prove to be much better for your career. If you are doing business, you may also get better opportunities for growth and gain.

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As the year begins, your creativity will be on high but, your lack of concentration may cause problems in education, indicates Mercury. Gradually, it may bring new ways of learning and communicating or new systems of knowledge. Saturn will force you to bring more discipline in your life to improve your results in exams. Positive planetary influences are likely to help you make progress in your education around the month of February. This phase is likely to motivate you towards study. You may also get overseas opportunities if you are trying to get admission abroad. Your performance in your studies may be mediocre around the month of March but, your mentors are to assist you. The impact of Jupiter will direct towards high productivity and better performance in your studies as the year advances. The period around the month of April will be a time to review your past performance and to make necessary modifications in order to achieve better results in your studies. Things shall be better for your studies but you must try to channelize your energy in right direction in order to achieve your goals. Your teachers, mentors and friends may be supportive. So, your performance may improve gradually. Venus indicates that you may also make good progress by taking part in cultural and other activities around the month of May. Your positive frame of mind should help to avert any problems hence your progress in studies will be good. Education should proceed smoothly but under the influence of Mars, there are possibilities of you getting into some minor quarrels with your friends which might cause some disruptions around the month of June. From around the month of July, you may remain highly focused which is likely to make a positive impact in educational circles. Mercury indicates that inspirational ideas of your mentors may help you to finish some important project in your studies around the month of August. The latter part of year could be a much better phase for your studies as you have ample support of Mercury and Jupiter. It is likely to encourage you towards study and overseas opportunities and a broader horizon in your studies. But if you are doing higher education you need to remain focused for long hours while studying. The period around the month of November will be a good phase to learn new subjects and develop your skills which will enable you to make progress in future. The period around the end of this year may be the right time for you to appear in any competitive exams and chances to excel are bright. Mercury may help you make good progress in your education.

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