Taurus Yearly Education And Knowledge Horoscope

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Mercury is the ruler of the fifth house for your sign. This house is about basic education. Rahu is positioned in the fifth house. Mars present in the 11th house, directly aspects the fifth house. Mercury is retrograde and positioned in the ninth house along with mighty Sun. Students may not be able to make desired progress during retrogression of Mercury. Planetary positions here indicate that students in higher education may have some constraints about giving enough time for studies. Students in higher education are to seek help of a senior for getting useful tips. Students in basic education are to have supportive time from around mid of February. Strong distractions are to be posed by transitory planet from around last week of March to last week of April. However, students are to learn things quickly here. Students doing graduation in science or technology related subjects are to remain serious about giving much attention to studies. In turn students are to fare well in exams. Influence of Saturn and Mars over the fifth house can affect focusing ability of students. Also remembering things effectively is to become a challenging task. Prepare short notes for quick reference. If you intend to have detailed knowledge about spiritual practices, refer to standard texts.

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Taurus, the 2nd Sign of the Zodiac, is an Earth Sign. It is hard working, rock solid, stable and practical. Ruled by Venus, Taurus, however, is also given tremendously to sensual pleasures. So, be it the physical pleasures or material comforts, the Taurus-born love to indulge in excesses. And, they will not hesitate in going an extra mile to find these pleasures. Most Taurus-borns are connoisseurs of good food and good life. Paradoxically, though, Taurus natives are fixed in their approach; they disregard change. They are loyal and attached to their loved ones, jobs, employers, project, friends and almost everyone and everything. Many believe Taurus to be the most dependable Sign in the whole Zodiac, simply because Taurus hates the idea of ‘change’.