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You will get good planetary support by the conjunction of transiting Venus and Mercury in the beginning of this year. This can help you progress well in your studies, perform well in your examinations as well, and rise to good levels.

Also, there are chances for a favorable turn of events if you are intending to pursue studies abroad. Due to the impact of transiting Mars, you may get into some arguments at times with your seniors and mentors which may affect your image though.

So, you must keep your cool and do not allow your emotions to take over your decisions. The conjunction of Mars and Venus will be highly favorable to learn few new skills around the month of March.

This may bring multiple opportunities for your growth in future. If you are trying to get admission, you may have good planetary support to be selected by a prestigious institution for higher education.

The period from around April will be a good phase to join short-term courses which will give you additional knowledge apart from your regular studies. You will get strong support from the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus and hence your planning and preparation for any exams will make you feel confident.

Slowly and steadily, you will be able to raise the standard of your performance from around the month of May. The combust Venus and Mercury however test your skills and patience both after mid of June.

It may not be so smooth for your studies. So, you should try to devote more time to studies as your performance will remain mediocre.

At times your over-confidence or reckless behavior may make you take your studies quite casually, indicates the Mars. Exalted Mercury will act in your favour and there may be some important events taking place with regard to your educational matter around the month of September.

If you are planning to apply for abroad education, this can be a good phase to initiate the process. Be open to new experiences as well as to accept your weakness or mistakes.

It will help you to perform better in forthcoming period. Under the influence of negative impact of South Node, there will be some laziness or lack of motivation around the month of October.

In turn you may not pay due attention to studies. The more you learn, the more you can achieve.

Do not waste this precious time. Jupiter’s aspect on Venus-Mercury conjunction will bless you with the confidence when it comes to your performance and it is bound to change your life direction for your own good from November.

You can expand your horizon of knowledge by entering the depths of your projects. Your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas smartly to others may help you to impress them and likely get success.


Yearly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

In the beginning of the year the Sun, Mars conjunction may not allow you to enjoy your love life due to some important professional or other commitments and the dullness may frustrate you at times. But as the year advances, Venus-Mercury conjunction will help you to make a big romantic step right away. Your life will be filled with the potential for a ton of romance and fun amid some difficult moments. Due to the impact of Venus-Mars conjunction, your sensuality will be very much in the forefront from around the month of February. So get ready for some hot romance. This can be a splendid phase for your relationship and even more so when it comes to romance. Pick your passion as the time will be leading you to get cozy with your mate. The cluster of planets may bring some disturbances along with some glorious romantic time around the month of April. However, you may well have some differences of opinion to sort through. At times, you may just find romantic matters confusing. Keep it low-key and wait for your sense of purpose to return. There can be just some weird energy around you during the month of June as the cluster of planets in Gemini may bring some confusing situations. But as the period advances, you can definitely make or deepen a connection now. The cosmic energy will bring all harmony, and you will be extra magnetic. But be low-key about any romantic stuff as you may not find desired planetary support around the month of July. The Jupiter-Mars energy will bring enthusiasm in your life from around the month of August and your mind and heart will be in beautiful balance. Giving your beloved your time is one of the most tangible ways to express your love. Your relationship with beloved will improve if you spend more time with together during this phase. Under the influence of Venus-Mercury conjunction, you will be looking for higher meaning of love and sense of purpose in your relationships around the month of October. Go for what you want in life now as opportunities will be there for you this time around. Some new opportunities will be headed your way around the month of November but first you need to let go of your fear and insecurity. The Mars’ impact on Venus can be a refreshing and likely to bring positivity and harmony in your love life around the month of December. You will be suddenly the center of attention. If someone special has not noticed, you yet, now the time will be in your favor when you can expect them to notice you. The year will end with some refreshing romantic experiences.

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As the year begins the positive energy of Mars will help you in terms of your health. Remember whatever your mind will say, your body will follow. Hence keep your mind balanced and positive. You will have good energy levels but, you may end of scattering your energies behind lots of activities. It may burn out your energy. The Sun-Saturn conjunction indicates that vicissitudes in health are possible around the middle of February mostly due to some emotional draining or higher stress levels. General health issues will be present frequently during this period till the end of March. You will be focusing on improving your lifestyle or fitness and working hard to make it better. Gradually, the stars will help you overcoming your emotional and physical health issues. You will have to take some time off your busy schedule and if possible, go for some meditation or yoga camps to help you find peace for a few days and the period around the month of April will be good for that. Due to the adverse impact of North Node, your energy levels may not be up to the mark around the month of May. Hence, you need to remain more careful about health here. There will be some illnesses that may hamper your daily routine. Don’t ignore this as it is important to find out the root cause though nothing serious is foreseen during this phase. Majority of the planets will be moving in your favor hence if you have had any health issues in recent times, you will also receive some good news about your health check-up around the month of July. This will boost your confidence levels and you will be at peace and calm. The period around the month of August will be a good phase to join any fitness program, adopting healthy eating habits, and proper sleep patterns. You will surely see improvements in your health status and you will feel fitter than before. The impact of the South Node around the month of September will remind you that balance and moderation is the key for a healthy and fulfilling life. You are likely to face some seasonal health problems during the ending part of this year but planets will help you to regain your energy levels gradually. The Mercury in trine with the Mars is likely to make you more attentive and determined to improve your health and that will help you to maintain your health. You must take advantage of the favorable impact during the month of November. You are likely to have major improvement or building up strength and stamina around the year end. Planets are likely to lead you towards healthy lifestyle as the year reaches its end.

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In the beginning of this year you may feel that your finances have become stagnant and on a slightly downward swing. But, you must keep yourself motivated as the positive impact of Venus will begin to be felt and hence risk that you took in the past or an investment that you made will start giving you good rewards as the year advances. The Mercury trine Jupiter will make you able to act wisely and your determination will never let your finances down. Look forward to make more investments to secure your future as the time around the month of February seems good to make any financial deals or contracts. However, you will need to be very cautious with your money matters and financial management from around mid of March as the Mercury’s conjunction with North Node can be very complex. So, keep yourself balanced while taking any vital decisions for having good financial prosperity. The period around the month of April can be an important phase for your financial planning, transactions or dealings. Check and recheck your investments before making any vital decisions. Also, check on contracts that can legally bind you. Around the month of May, some old money matters will concern you the most. You will constantly keep worrying about some commitments. There will be some unexpected expenses under the influence of Mars’ conjunction with the North Node. So, keep plan B ready in case of any unexpected conditions. Do not trust anyone blindly as the impact of planets can be very complex this time around. The period from June will be good at negotiating some important deals. Also, this can be the ideal time to implement some corrective measures. Slowly and steadily, you will be able to empower your status. There will be steady improvement in your earning and saving potential during the latter half of year. Some previous investments may also bring higher return and important financial dealings may have strong positive impact around the month of August, indicates the Jupiter-Mars conjunction. You are likely to strike some good financial deals due to the strong support of transiting Venus and hence the period around September seems good supportive time for development of some pending plans for achieving higher financial status. There will be favorable financial conditions and most of the worldly comfort will be available. The positive impact of Venus-Mercury conjunction will make you able to take good decisions and your actions in right directions will lead you to financial gain. There will be some challenges around the beginning of December hence you need to remain sharply focused and perform conscientiously. The strong support of Venus indicates that there will be enhancement in your wealth which will also boost your financial strength around the year end.

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In the beginning of this year, you will have ample support of the transiting Jupiter and hence you will be able to carry out your plans, but you will achieve your goal only through hard work, indicates the Saturn. You need to little lower your professional ambitions. If you are in business, do not try to launch a new product in the market in the beginning and wait for better time to operate. Look for flaws in your strategy to make fast-paced progress. The favorable impact of Venus, Mars and Mercury will bring growth in your career from around the mid of February. You can now achieve the most favorable results and may also find a quick solution of all the troubles associated with professional activities. The impact of the shadow planets can be highly complex around the month of May hence you should not get involved in a dubious or risky adventure for quick gain. Anything extravagant to prove to colleagues your professional excellence can backfire. The middle part of this year may bring some pressure situation at your work place. It will demand you to identify key areas of development through an effective analysis. Your thinking will be clouded by the impact of North Node. Time seems hectic and challenging hence it is necessary to remain cool and have enough amount of patience in order to deal with the circumstances arousing now and then for the betterment of your professional growth. From around the month of June, the benevolent Jupiter will bring ease and good fortune. It will help you to break the shackles. Something promising seems on the cards. Do not get scared of working on difficult tasks at your work place. Reengineer yourself to work with others as a team. It is time to expand your horizon now. The combined impact of Saturn and South Node can bring many challenging conditions around the month of September. The success will be quite limited compared to the effort you put in. Try to find some way to inject productivity and higher efficiency into your projects. This will make your task easier and more fun to work on. Gradually, from October onwards, the impact of stars may bring productive as well as profitable results. However, the transiting Saturn and Jupiter indicate that the biggest threat to your career will come in the form of jealous coworkers. If you are in business, do whatever you can to avoid getting into the trap of your known or unknown enemies or competitors. Your luck in your career will begin to change for the better around the year end. In fact, you will have ample planetary support to implement your plans and to find positive momentum in your projects.

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