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Cancer Yearly Career and Business Horoscope


Cancer Yearly


The impact of North node might be misleading in the beginning of this year and hence you may have some confusions in your mind. If you are in business, something may go wrong in your planning.

As the year advances, Jupiter will bring growth and, you will be feeling more dedicated and secure. Around the month of February, Mercury indicates that someone could approach you with a particularly inventive idea for career growth.

However, challenges may force you to exercise some underutilized muscles particularly if you are in business. You may be thinking about switching to a new work.

Under the influence of Mars, do not rush to any conclusion in hurry. Some excellent options as well as reasonable solutions of some pending issues will make you able to find higher elevation in your work gradually.

The latter part of March will be the time for action at your career front. Business meetings, finalizing contracts and some major deals are to be successful, suggests Mercury.

Try to think big, with a perspective for the future. Mars will help you to resist any competition at your work place.

To protect your interests, don’t argue with your boss particularly around the month of April. The impact of North Node around the month of May is likely to provoke you to do something out of the ordinary which can backfire.

Jupiter will gradually bring much better time for your career growth during the latter half of year. The period around the month of June indicates the perfect time to really make a statement at your work place and in your business too.

The situation will be developing favorably but the impact of North Node can be misleading. So, it will be necessary to keep yourself prepared for any challenges.

The period around the month of August may bring some fears, insecurities and anxieties in mattes related to your career. At the same time, competition will rise.

Smart work will do more good than exhausting hard work. You will have much better conditions at your work place from around September.

It will be the beginning of a short phase of big-time success that should be exploited if you are in business. During the month of October, there will be just so much happening at your work place to be particularly productive.

It will be more engaging than usual, if you are in business. Jupiter is likely to provide you with some good opportunity and options.

Mercury will help you to use your natural talent tremendously around the ending part of this year and will also help you to score dozens of points over your competitors. Jupiter would bring some moments of amusement and bliss and it could also lead you towards growth in your profession by the end of this year.


Yearly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

As the year begins, Venus will remain in your favour hence you and your sweetheart might achieve the level of intimacy you’ve both worked very hard for. Mercury might bring opportunity to meet someone, if you are not involved in any relation yet. But, the impact of North Node could bring some emotional frustration in your love life in the beginning of February. You must not get depressed as the planets will bless your love life with full of positivity and happiness around after the mid of February. The impact of planets may bring fresh air of love but some hidden resentments may surface and the North Node can spoil the party around the ending part of March. The difficulties may not last long as Venus may bring amazing harmony in your love life and relationship matters from around mid of April. Under the influence of Venus during the latter half, sharing your feeling with your counterpart can pacify your intense feelings. The period around the month of June could heavily test our commitment to love. Here Mercury indicates that you could easily end up overthinking about your relationship. You might feel some distance in your current romantic relation. Also, romance may need to take a backseat as you may focus on other areas of your life around the month of July. Jupiter will have soothing impact on your personal life gradually. Good thing is that the Venus will provide you enough strength to deal with some complicated matters effectively as the year progresses. Around the month of September, your love life is set to be full of excitement and warmth. If already in a relationship, it may be time to take your relationship to the next level. Venus will provide you the chances to have some connections beyond your own social circle. Mars can lead you to excessive emotionality so, there are chances that your feelings may easily hurt. So, you need to keep control over your actions and reactions around the month of November. You will have a lot of highs and lows that you have to deal with in your personal life. Mars will however bring enthusiasm during the ending part after mid of December and you will be feeling flirty and ready to embark on some new romantic experience.

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In the beginning of this year, your immune system will remain highly efficient and hence here will not be any serious health issues this time around. If you are facing any chronic ailments, you will be relieved now. Vitality will be improved gradually with rigorous and regular exercises and also with a good diet plan. But your health status will be fragile around the month of March. You will be faced with some negative planetary influences for your health status till mid of April. The period from around mid-April is likely to help you to improve your health status as well. This can be a good phase for your overall health as well. You will be able to address some ongoing health problem and will also be able to put in place a solution. Saturn will force you to improve your habits to improve your health status around the month of June. It will be however essential to remain relax and continue regular practice of Yoga and Pranayama to negate the adverse impact of South Node. Saturn will continue to bring your focus on improving your habits and switching to a healthier lifestyle during the latter part of this year. The period around the month of July is going to remain slightly taxing for your health. Planetary impact may make you susceptible to some minor ailments this time around. Also, hectic schedules can drain your mental and physical energies faster and there will be some seasonal health issues as well. So, you need to take care of your health till September. However, gradually you are likely to regain your vitality as the year advances. Though your energy level may remain good you need to have better work-life management to have stress levels under control and to remain fit and fin during the ending part of this year. If you are suffering from any ailments, this phase will help you to recover fast. But you tend to overlook your health but this can drain your mental and physical energy. You will therefore have to maintain your diet as well as you should avoid over-exertion around the year end.

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As the year begins, there will be plenty of openings for improving your financial status. But your finances will be affected by adverse impact of South Node. Money flow will not be as smooth as you desire and unexpected problems will arise all of sudden. Mercury may however bring a radical change in financial strategies and that will make your status stronger gradually. Venus will also boost your financial strength through innovative ventures around the month of February. Adding monetary sources and increasing cash inflow will be on your agenda. Trust your instincts, but back them with reason too. Otherwise, you may have to face some cash crunch, warns the South Node. Some good earning opportunities will be facilitated by the favorable aspects of Venus and Mercury around the month of March. There will be surprising gains from some new sources. North Node may make over ambitious and force you to take undue risk which can be very disruptive for your financial planning around the month of April. Your income is likely to increase gradually from around the month of May. You may however encounter some problems with your family members on some important financial matters. Venus will give an upward push to your finances around the month of June. But do not take decision related to either buying or selling of property or investing money in any risky instruments around the month of August. The period around the month of September is likely to help you remove some bottlenecks gradually and make your financial status stronger. Some unplanned expenses will increase at the same time income will also surge but the financial situation will require tactful handling around the month of October. Saturn will slow down the speed of your financial growth though inflow of money keeps on moving at a steady pace. The planets may lead you towards financial growth and prosperity during the ending part of this year. Money flow will be excellent and that will bring cheer in your life. Some good opportunities will be facilitated by the favorable aspects of planets. Family members and your friends will encourage you to take some risk for financial growth. But you should avoid speculations and risky investments as the impact of complex planetary impact can bring unexpected loses.

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The beginning of this year may remain highly auspicious for you to take up higher education. The impact of Mercury might bring some difficulties in your academic purposes as the year advances. Also around the month of February, in matters related to education, Saturn will demand you work harder to get through. A good period for your academic career may begin from around the ending part of February. This phase may also promise to be beneficial for you if you are looking to get admission in good university abroad. Your education is going to be blessed by the favourable impact of Jupiter. You will continue to impress your mentors with your superlative performance in studies but around the month of May, your social life might cause some problems. Nevertheless, with the help of Jupiter during the latter half of this year, your hard work is likely to get you one step closer to your dreams. You will be very much clear about how to proceed at this time with the choice or direction in your studies. Proper concentration and hard work may make you able to get good results in your studies. South Node may cause a lot of disturbance in your studies around the month of August and hence you might not be able to focus well. But with the strong support from Mercury around the month of September, you are likely to learn complicated subjects easily and hence will be able to perform effectively. Jupiter may also bring some favorable results in your studies. Some errors or omissions in your preparation for exams foreseen around the month of October though. During the ending part of this year, you may find new ways of learning which will boost your studies. Also, you may show your skills and talents to the right people and hence you may have a better image in days to come.

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