Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

This Month

Nov 2020

On the career front, you might be active. However, do not expect any immediate results of your actions. The planets might delay the same. Salaried individuals may be able to focus on the task at hand. They may want to increase their output by performing efficiently. Businessmen may be scared of stiff competition. They may make slow, but steady progress during this phase. They may need to exert more and overcome more obstacles on the path to progress. They may need to remain calm at all times, and focus on the task at hand, to make decent progress. Students doing graduation may run into obstacles, and students doing their post-graduation might make good progress. Post-graduates may be able to concentrate. According to the current planetary movement, there may be an inflow of money in your life. The strong retrograde of Mars, moving through the 12th house, leads to you spending money impulsively. Beware of this tendency, and always plan your finances. You may need to save money for rainy days. Married people may feel happy, owing to the responsive attitude of their life partner. They may spend pleasant moments together. People in romantic relationships may enjoy a blissful time together. Some family-related issues might cause you some discomfort. There may be no major health issues to catch up with you. However, middle-aged people and the above may need to be more careful when it comes to a nagging health issue. Get regular check-ups to keep tabs on variations. Diabetics may need to follow the dietary instructions of the physician to avoid further complications.

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