Aries Monthly Horoscope

This Month

May 2018

As the month begins, you are engaged in work and hobbies. With Venus in your 3rd House, your social life is rocking. Meeting some influential people shall add considerably to your contact list. On 3rd or 4th, you are in a dilemma. What’s on your mind – and in your heart? Well, whatever it is, don’t let it affect you too much! Love is in the air, and ones in it will be on cloud nine. Guard yourself from injuries, though. In the domain of your relationships, things may not have been great. On 7th, you are thinking a lot about this. Manage your anxiety. Is a dream relationship on your mind? Well, no one is perfect; the ones who run after perfection often feel shortchanged, reminds Ganesha. Mars, your Sign ruler, moves through your House of Karma (10th House) with retrograde Saturn, making you restless. Put the energy to constructive use. Spirituality and creative hobbies are good ideas on 12th and 13th. Soon, Mercury and Venus exchange Signs – bringing positive momentum for the realm of family life, finances and material possessions. You may also spend time partying. 17th sees Mars moving to Aquarius – your 11th House. What a relief! Alas, it’s temporary – or can be misleading. Mars meets Ketu here; you may, in fact, have to be extra careful now, watching your back. Nonetheless, there will be an extra dose of energy in the zone of friendships, gains and social connections. Keep an eye on your coffers, though, and don’t trust anyone new too soon. Around 19th, Venus moved to Cancer – your 4th House. You may be going home – a special childhood place, you cherished. There is a sea of emotions; you feel sensitive, maybe you are in love with a long-lost friend. On 22nd, there is a distinct duality to your thoughts. This is a positive time for married ones, with conception on agenda. A revelation – a simply truth of life – comes to fore in month’s last week. You have been not spending time, or too less of it, with your loved ones and family. Not done! Have you been ignoring domestic matters? Mend your ways. As the month ends, Venus is still placed favorably; take time out to follow your heart’s desire. Lovers may not be ready to commit, as yet, while the work for most remains in certain disarray.

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