Aries Monthly Horoscope

This Month

Apr 2018

This month has its own share of ups and downs, confusions and frustrations. However, an urge to do something extraordinary shall provide you positivity and the will to move ahead. This is mainly due to Venus entering Taurus, and now active in your 2nd House. At the same time, it is foreseen that Saturn and Exalted Mars are in your 10th House. This alignment is indicative of a busy schedule at the work front. Career-oriented and job holders will have to work overtime, putting in extra efforts to meet the looming deadlines. If you are a businessman, chalking out plans for business expansion may be on your priority list. As the month progresses, Moon is in the Earth Sign Capricorn, which will bring it to the fore your down-to-earth attitude. You shall feel highly encouraged and confident at this juncture and are willing to give your best shot to any activity/situation that comes by. You may be in the limelight for some or other reason; enjoy while it lasts. Both Sun and Mercury are in your Sign around mid-month; the alignment assures prosperous times. One intelligent decision from your side may fetch you a good amount of money, making you financially stable. As the Moon meets Rahu in the 5th House from your Sign, there is a possibility that you may be tempted to try every possible way to earn money; at times, even the unethical ones. However, such ways may seem easy, but they always bring unhappiness in the end. Moreover, Jupiter, the ruler of your 9th House of luck and fortune, is moving in the retrograde direction. Besides, Saturn is also retrograde currently. There is no point in taking any kind of risk, as of now. Personally, you will be going great guns on the relationship front. Also, your calendar of social-dos is likely to be full, this month. Here, you will get a chance to meet and greet the high and mighty of the society. If you are single, and of a marriageable age, you are likely to face social pressure to ‘hurry up and settle down’, mainly from your parents. Give it a thought; there are chances that you may find someone like-minded to share your joys and sorrows with. Take care of your health; a minor fall or injury is quite likely.

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