Aries Monthly Horoscope

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Feb 2018

Now, Mars moves through your 9th House – Sagittarius – which makes you optimistic, but also a tad too restless. In the tussle among the relationships of mind, heart or pleasure – ones pertaining to pleasure take the centre-stage, early in February, while the ones of the mind come a close second. Heart may have to wait till late in the month, when Venus finally gets its strength back. This year, in long term planetary movements, both Jupiter and Saturn add to your struggles. Saturn moves from 10th House – of Karma – bringing challenges and delays on professional and trade front. Jupiter, otherwise a positive planet, moves from your 8th House. A lot, thus, lies on your personal strength, will and motivation, says Ganesha. These are not necessarily bad cosmic alignments – but they will just make you work harder. The time demands dedication and discipline. On 12th, you are driven to make some important changes on the work front. With Sun and Mercury transiting through your 11th House, you will get your due – even is there are delays. Something is playing on your mind on 14th and 15th – which may also make you spend recklessly – as an escape route. Relax! Marital domain may not be a bed of roses, mid-month, but you certainly can plod through with some patience and smile. 19th is a day out of fairy-tales – or well, it can be, if you use the star power that comes your way. By 21st, things get even better as Venus emerges from combustion. It moves through your 12th House – driving you towards luxuries and hedonistic pleasures. Don’t overdo anything, warns Ganesha. Distractions abound, so students need to work hard. Beauty and attraction play a major role in your decisions, in last week. On 26th, however, you may be brought back to reality by a domestic matter, calling for your attention. 27th and 28th are happy days, but over-optimism can be as blinding as pessimism is self-defeating. Hope you get the message! You meet someone interesting. What’s brewing? Could be a romantic, aromatic soup – devour it, only if you are single and available.

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