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Aquarius Monthly Career And Business Horoscope


Aquarius Monthly

Jul 2024

Uncertainty on career front may manifest in the beginning of this month. There will be gradual improvement though.

Expect things to start rolling in your favour gradually. If you are doing business, you will get a good chance to cinch a major deal.

Refrain from forming any trade alliances or business partnerships during the first half of month. Around the mid of this month, the atmosphere at the workplace will be positive and you will have no problem in sticking to your schedules.

But, if you are doing business in partnership, you may require to keep partner in confidence about your action plan in order to avoid unnecessary issues. During the latter half, you will reach greater heights in your career.

If you are doing business, you are to positioned well enough to manage a major deal. But at times, support from seniors and associates will be missing.

The period around the month end can be a promising phase for career development. Your career growth will be stupendous.

It will be particularly good if you are doing business. .

Monthly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

Your love life will be will be extremely blissful in the beginning of this month. You will do anything and everything and likely to go to any extent to please your partner. If you are not in any relationship, you will have many romantic opportunities in social events and celebrations. Love and intimacy will be enhanced as the month advances. You may develop understanding with your mate through good communication. It will be good phase for your personal life. If you are in committed relationship, you both may have good understanding and likely to enjoy each other’s company. But the same planets may induce conflicts in the relationship around the middle of this month. Preoccupation with the career may also be a cause of friction. In spite of all this, you can have good harmony during the latter part of this month. If you are not involved in any relationship yet, you will have many love opportunities and the social life will remain excellent. You may find love in social gatherings or in the neighborhood. If you are in committed relationship, it will be all blissful phase around the month end.

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Your energy levels will be good in the beginning of this month but you may have fluctuations in your mood. This might affect your physical health to an extent. You may have low resistance power which may affect your mental and physical health. But as the month advances, the impact of planets indicates an excellent phase for your fitness and well-being. If you are facing any chronic diseases, such problems will be suppressed with routine medical assistance. No major health issues are foreseen. You may keep building up your energy levels during the latter half. Your immune system may remain stronger and there are no health issues envisaged in this phase. Health will improve, but you must avoid self-indulgence and do not stray from a sensible health program. It will be better if you resort to some physical activity to keep your health in good shape. The period around the month end may be opportune to join some health club or gym to improve your health status.

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Planetary positions may bring some kind of uncertainty about the future financial prospects as the month begins. The planetary influences may force you to review and revise your monetary strategies. This is also a good time for planning ahead. As the month advances, the influence of planets will make you highly dynamic and adventurous in your financial dealings. You should make use of this opportunity to enhance your financial status. But, your finances will be somewhat uncertain around the mid of this month. Money flow will pick up gradually. However, more effort will be required to generate finances during the latter half. You should be prepared to face challenges on your way to financial success. But you will have plenty of opportunities for financial growth around the month end. Investments in stock market will be profitable and you will get money from unexpected sources. Your financial intelligence may remain fabulous and your goals are well defined. The favourable momentum of planets will help you to revive pending money.

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You are likely to make progress in education in the beginning of this month. But, at times your impulsive actions or overconfidence may make you repent for not able to perform well in studies. So, you need to prepare or concentrate well in order to make desired progress. As the month advances, the stars promise auspicious time for academic development. Favorable planetary aspects will make learning very interesting. You may be able to resolve some pending issues and completion of projects may also bring relief this time around. Planetary aspects will sharpen your intellect and your mental capabilities are likely to remain excellent. This will help you to excel in competitive examinations. The impact of the stars during the latter part indicates that your academic progress will be hampered by the unfavourable aspects of the planets. However, with your determination, you may gradually acquire good control. latter part of this week. Also, you will get enough support from your family members and mentors which will make you able to sail through some difficult times efficiently.

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