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Aries Education Horoscope 2024

You will get good planetary support by the conjunction of transiting Venus and Mercury at the beginning of this year. This can help you progress well in your studies, perform well in your examinations, and rise to good levels. Also, there are chances for a favourable turn of events if you intend to pursue studies abroad. Due to the impact of transiting Mars, you may get into some arguments at times with your seniors and mentors which may affect your image. So, you must keep your cool and not allow your emotions to take over your decisions.

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The conjunction of Mars and Venus will be highly favourable to learn a few new skills around the month of March. This may bring multiple opportunities for your growth in future. If you are trying to get admission, you may have good planetary support to be selected by a prestigious institution for higher education. The period from around April will be a good phase to join short-term courses which will give you additional knowledge apart from your regular studies.

You will get strong support from the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, and hence your planning and preparation for any exams will make you feel confident. Slowly and steadily, you will be able to raise the standard of your performance from around the month of May. The combustion of Venus and Mercury however test your skills and patience both after June. It may not be so smooth for your studies. So, you should try to devote more time to your studies as your performance will remain mediocre.

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Your over-confidence or reckless behaviour may make you take your studies quite casually, indicates Mars. Exalted Mercury will act in your favour and there may be some important events taking place about your educational matter around the month of September. If you plan to apply for an abroad education, this can be a good phase to initiate the process. Be open to new experiences as well as accept your weaknesses or mistakes. It will help you to perform better in the forthcoming period. Under the influence of the negative impact of South Node, there will be some laziness or lack of motivation around the month of October. In turn, you may not pay due attention to your studies.

The more you learn, the more you can achieve. Do not waste this precious time. Jupiter’s aspect on Venus-Mercury conjunction will bless you with the confidence when it comes to your performance and it is bound to change your life direction for your own good from November. You can expand your horizon of knowledge by entering the depths of your projects. Your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas smartly to others may help you to impress them and likely get success.

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