Does being a Taurus Ascendant affect your public persona?

Our ascendant is also known as the rising sign, is an entry gate into our life. It describes a person’s external selves and how an individual establishes his/her first impression. Our sun sign is how we see ourselves, the moon sign shows us how we are, and the rising sign is how others see us.

Taurus Ascendants present themselves well. They take their time to understand and feel their surroundings, appreciate the luxuries and finer aspects of life.

Attractive can be an understatement for Taurus Rising

Venus is considered to be the planet of beauty, magnificence, and harmony. Taurus Ascendant is dominated by planet Venus. Therefore, the physical appearance of Vrishabha Lagna is likely to reflect the mentioned qualities. They look for beauty and harmony in themselves as well as in the things and people who surround them. Taurus Ascendant strives to achieve their independence and permits oneself to enjoy both the physical and emotional pleasures. Taurus rising signs, in general, have short to average height. They may also be somewhat stout-like Humpty dumpty. But this is because of their strong musculature versus and cannot be said to be plumpy.

To know why Taurus Ascendants have such a strong external appearance, then think of its symbol – a bull, and it’ll strike you like a cord. The overall body structure is square; the stamina, sturdy, solid, steady, strong body type, the work ethic is all part of the package. They’ve got attractive faces with beautiful features, and great skin. Charming smile, full lips, dark and round eyes, high cheekbones, long nose, strong limbs, and broad forehead are a plus. Even their jaw is strong. The hair of the Taurus Rising is dark and wavy or curly. Taurus rising signs like to wear posh but comfortable clothes. They rarely flamboyant their possessions. It is easy for them to develop good friendships and relationships.

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Can an Ascendant tell you whether a person is good?

Taurus Ascendants are confident, persistent, independent, and hard-working. The dedication to work sedulously comes from their desire to achieve their objectives. They do not keep a watch on their clock when they have a target to reach; thereby are aware that their goals will be attained. The symbol of Taurus is represented by the bull. Because of this Taurus Ascendants have often received  unfavourable criticism concerning their character, wherein they are designated “obstinate as a bull” or “stubborn as a bull.”

Taurus Rising signs like to remain mum about their personal affairs. They are reserved, yet somewhat assertive and have biased opinions. They have a strong toleration power, and it is much more than what meets the eye. They usually hide away their power and use it only when it is necessary and at best possible time. Taurus Risings has a keen ability to organize as they know precisely what they want. When it comes to the associations with their friends, they are very loyal, reliable, and genuine in their endeavours.

As the Taurus Ascendants are ruled by Venus; the planet of beauty, the Taurus rising to seek beauty, love, and pleasure in everything. For them, nature, art, literature, poetry, music, etc. are magnificent things in life. They are seen at the theatres, concerts, libraries, trekking, taking a promenade, luxurious restaurants, or anything else that reflects beauty, art, music, and excellence. Their liking for pleasure also affects their sympathy towards others because they want others to also engage in pleasurable interests.

Taurus rising has this nature of being calm and mild. They act as a good friend for those who are nervous, frustrated, anxious, or upset. Their quiet nature makes them steady, pragmatic, and wary.

Since Taurus naturally controls the second house of money, this makes them fascinated with coins, money, and in general, making money. They will not even try to hide that fact. They have the skills to make money for themselves as well as help others.

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Maybe it's not in the name but the looks?

Perhaps the greatest worry for an individual with Taurus Ascendant is the need for security and being encircled by individuals who will uphold them in difficult situations. They are notorious for their possessive nature. They are not the sharing kind, their things are theirs only. In terms of worthiness, if Taurus rising feels that the person next to them has great calibre, their loyalty and sincerity towards the individual will have no match.

Underneath the calm exterior lies the volcano, who is always ready to erupt. If they feel that they are attacked or get into a heated argument, the calmness, mildness, and polite nature will be thrown out of the window, and the bull will come out to smash things. Their typical state is probably going to be serene, and however, they may turn out to be shockingly infuriated when provoked too far.

Taurus ascendants need financial security. They don’t need it to impress their friend circle, but to lead a comfortable life and enjoy the posh things in life. It can be said that the practical side of things matters when it comes to money. The bull is not afraid of the wall street risks, they will take it if they feel that the reward is worth the risk.

When it comes to love and relationships, they may be the jealous and possessive kind, but not someone who breaks up easily. Also, because of this, it is necessary to understand the savage side and control the emotions to overflow. If problems in relationships exist, they are the signs that taking a time out is needed and this space will free them from the trench. Taurus rising natives usually value harmony and calm, but when we talk about their relations with their partners, it may be on the passionate side. Also, they are very comforting and soothing to be around. They have stability about them that is mitigating, and an inner harmony that is alluring.

The ironic thing is Taurus Ascendants are attracted to people who are intense and toxic. This forces Taurus risings to bring emotional change in their lives, which will stimulate the need for growth. Ordinarily, Taurus rising favours a simple, and on occasion trudging, way to deal with life. This can be problematic for the Taurus risings when their preferred pace does not coordinate the current situation at hand.

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Identifying the Bull in the Room/It’s the aesthetic that counts

Taurus ascendant in a person’s chart makes them dependable, steady, attractive, and frequently successful. Taurus Rising seeks balance in all things in their life by engaging themselves in various activities, such as trying new things and throwing away expired items. By balancing this, Taurus Ascendant can have the most constructive impression on each aspect of their lives.

Taurus Rising natives are very driven, old-fashioned, and resolved. They are always on the go and have a constant purpose in their lives. Although they are socially very loving and affectionate, they can be rigid and proud too. There are times when Taurus Ascendants may give off an impression of being nonsensical and prejudiced.

Taurus Rising often gives a kind, poised, pleasant, and delicate vibes. They are peace-loving, carefree, careful, cautious, and therefore respected. They are drawn to comfort, solidarity, and security, whenever and wherever possible. Taurus ascendants are not known for their flexibility. Rather, they possess insistent single-mindedness.

Self-indulgence can be a weakness for many Taurus Ascendants. Taurus is an earth sign; which makes them connect to earthly things very strongly. More than anything, Taurus rising favours the good things in life. It is observed that their furniture is the best of all, and their other personal possessions are not less extravagant. Taurus rising signs place a great deal of significant worth on their material belongings. To the outside audience, it may look like the Taurus ascendants are materialistic, but in fact, they just simply know and appreciate the finer things in life. The love they have for these lavish things is because they look, feel, smell, taste, and sound beautiful. They seek the best of the best to experience true sensational richness.

If we look at it from a different angle, there indeed is a secondary aspect to what appears to be materialistic traits. The reason for Taurus Ascendants to accumulate possessions is because it makes them feel secure, protected, and the drive for security is immensely vital for Taurus rising. Uncomfortable with the change, they lean toward consistency and to work in the domain of effects. They also enjoy associating with others through the sense of joys, mutually appreciating good food, wine, sex, and different extravagances. They give themselves ample time to rest and relax, which demonstrates sound self-esteem. The only issue that arises is that they have to be wary of their stubborn nature and the fixed opinions that are formed.

All things considered, the Taurus Ascendant often grants a graceful and stable feature to the personality. They are very down-to-earth kind of people who are grounded in their approach to new experiences. They may not know, but others are likely to find their personality quite charming. The gift Taurus Rising has is the ability to enjoy even the simplest and smallest pleasures of life while approaching each step of their journey in a realistic way. You are attractive in a variety of ways, and generally easy to be around.

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