Property Purchase Muhurat 2023: Dates, Timings & Significance

Property Purchase Muhurat 2023: Dates, Timings & Significance

India is a land of tradition-bound people, who have been following the customs and traditions for centuries, tirelessly. These customs are being transferred from one generation to the next, and whether young or old, all seem to follow these age-old practices with zest and zeal. The Indians have always believed in the power of auspicious days and times and have called them the Shubh Muhurat. No Indian, especially a Hindu, would start anything new without knowing the shubh muhurat for the event, whether it is about a new home, marriage, vehicle, or even shifting into a new city. Then how can someone purchase a new property without knowing the shubh din for property purchase?

All those who have invested in some property in the present year must have made sure to check for the auspicious day to buy property in 2023. Similarly, if you are planning to purchase some property in 2023, you must ensure that you consult your trusted and reliable astrologer to get you the auspicious nakshatra for buying property. So, here we are, bringing to you all the auspicious days, the shubh muhurat for property purchase in 2023. Our article will help you know why you need to know the muhurat for buying property and what are the 2023 Property Purchase Muhurat. So. Let’s get started.

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Relevance of Muhurat for Property Purchase

Purchasing a piece of property is a celebration that is supposed to fetch positivity, growth, opportunity and happiness. Hence, it becomes inevitable to consider the auspicious days for buying property beforehand. The planetary movement, the position of the Sun and Moon, the Rahu and Ketu, and other elements play an important role in creating positive or negative vibes around the place. If a native purchase some property without paying attention to the shubh muhurat, it may affect his/her life in a detrimental way.

When the planets are not in a favorable position, the time is not considered to purchase the property. But if the Nakshatra and other planetary positions are favourable, then that could be the shubh muhurat for property registration for the native. Buying a property on any of the property purchase auspicious dates can yield favourable results and positive returns to the native.

Following the astrologer’s advice with property registration, shubh muhurat will reduce the risk of losing peace and positivity. The place becomes a source of positivity and happiness when Property Purchase Muhurat is taken into account and proper pooja is performed to pacify the negative influence of the planets if any. Now, let’s check out the Property Buying Muhurat 2023 in the following section.

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The 2023 Property Purchase Muhurat – The Auspicious Days to Invest in Property in 2023

After understanding the relevance of property purchase muhurat, it becomes important to have the knowledge of property purchase muhurat 2023. Hence, we have compiled all the 2023 Property Purchase Muhurat under this section for your reference. Let’s start with the property buying muhurat from Jan-Dec 2023.

Property Purchase Muhurat in 2023

January 5, 2023, Thursday07:22 AM to 09:26 PM
January 6, 2023, Friday12:14 AM to 07:22 AM, Jan 07
January 12, 2023, Thursday07:23 AM to 02:25 PM
January 19, 2023, Thursday03:18 PM to 07:23 AM, Jan 20
January 20, 2023, Friday07:23 AM to 06:17 AM, Jan 21
January 26, 2023, Thursday06:57 PM to 07:21 AM, Jan 27
February 3, 2023, Friday07:19 AM to 07:18 AM, Feb 04
February 16, 2023, Thursday07:11 AM to 07:11 AM, Feb 17
February 17, 2023, Friday07:11 AM to 08:28 PM
February 23, 2023, Thursday07:06 AM to 03:44 AM, Feb 24
March 2, 2023, Thursday12:43 PM to 07:00 AM, Mar 03
March 3, 2023, Friday07:00 AM to 03:43 PM
March 16, 2023, Thursday06:48 AM to 04:47 AM, Mar 17
March 30, 2023, Thursday06:34 AM to 10:59 PM
March 31, 2023, Friday01:57 AM to 06:32 AM, Apr 01
April 13, 2023, Thursday06:21 AM to 10:43 AM
April 28, 2023, Friday09:53 AM to 06:08 AM, Apr 29
May 5, 2023, Friday09:40 PM to 06:03 AM, May 06
May 25, 2023, Thursday05:54 PM to 05:54 AM, May 26
May 26, 2023, Friday05:54 AM to 05:54 AM, May 27
June 2, 2023, Friday06:53 AM to 05:53 AM, Jun 03
June 22, 2023, Thursday05:54 AM to 05:55 AM, Jun 23
June 23, 2023, Friday05:55 AM to 05:55 AM, Jun 24
June 29, 2023, Thursday04:30 PM to 05:56 AM, Jun 30
June 30, 2023, Friday05:56 AM to 05:57 AM, Jul 01
July 7, 2023, Friday10:16 PM to 05:59 AM, Jul 08
July 14, 2023, Friday10:27 PM to 06:02 AM, Jul 15
August 17, 2023, Thursday06:16 AM to 06:16 AM, Aug 18
August 18, 2023, Friday06:16 AM to 10:57 PM
August 24, 2023, Thursday06:18 AM to 06:19 AM, Aug 25
August 31, 2023, Thursday05:45 PM to 03:18 AM, Sep 01
September 1, 2023, Friday06:21 AM to 02:56 PM
September 7, 2023, Thursday10:25 AM to 06:23 AM, Sep 08
September 8, 2023, Friday06:23 AM to 12:09 PM
September 14, 2023, Thursday06:25 AM to 04:54 AM, Sep 15
September 21, 2023, Thursday06:27 AM to 03:35 PM
September 22, 2023, Friday 03:34 PM to 06:28 AM, Sep 23
September 28, 2023, Thursday06:30 AM to 01:48 AM, Sep 29
September 29, 2023, Friday11:18 PM to 06:30 AM, Sep 30
October 5, 2023, Thursday06:32 AM to 07:40 PM
October 6, 2023, Friday09:32 PM to 06:33 AM, Oct 07
October 12, 2023, Thursday06:35 AM to 11:36 AM
October 19, 2023, Thursday09:04 PM to 06:38 AM, Oct 20
October 20, 2023, Friday06:38 AM to 06:39 AM, Oct 21
October 26, 2023, Thursday06:41 AM to 11:27 AM
October 27, 2023, Friday09:25 AM to 04:17 AM, Oct 28
November 3, 2023, Friday06:45 AM to 06:46 AM, Nov 04
November 16, 2023, Thursday06:53 AM to 06:54 AM, Nov 17
November 17, 2023, Friday06:54 AM to 01:17 AM, Nov 18
November 23, 2023, Thursday05:16 PM to 06:59 AM, Nov 24
November 24, 2023, Friday06:59 AM to 04:01 PM
November 30, 2023, Thursday03:01 PM to 07:04 AM, Dec 01
December 1, 2023, Friday07:04 AM to 04:40 PM
December 14, 2023, Thursday07:12 AM to 07:13 AM, Dec 15
December 21, 2023, Thursday07:16 AM to 10:09 PM
December 28, 2023, Thursday07:19 AM to 01:05 AM, Dec 29
December 29, 2023, Friday03:10 AM to 07:20 AM, Dec 30

Winding Up!

The 2023 Property Purchase Muhurat given below can be used by anyone but only after consulting your pandit and only after performing the required pooja or havan. The auspicious nakshatra for buying property are Revati, Anuradha, Mrigashirsha, Vishakha, Punarvasu, Purva Phalguni, and Purva Bhadrapada. And Thursday and Friday are considered more auspicious than other days for purchasing a property.

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