Vat Savitri Vrat 2020 – Know The Importance, Puja Time And Rituals Of Vat Purnima

13 May 2020

What is Vat Savitri Vrat or Vat Purnima Vrat:

About Vat Savitri Vrat or Vat Purnima Vrat:
Vat Purnima Vrat is the Indian Hindu fasting day for the married women who pray to banyan tree in the honour of Goddess Gauri and Satyavan-Savitri for fortune, well-being, long life and prosperity of their husbands and a peaceful married life. Devotees in Northern India follow the fast on the Jyeshtha Amavasya or dark moon day, whereas devotees in the Southern Indian states observe the fast on the Jyestha Purnima or full moon day. Married Hindu women dress up in a bridal garment with elegant jewellery and apply vermillion on the forehead after taking an auspicious bath. They maintain a strict fast throughout the night and break it the next day when the Purnima is over. They offer water, rice, and flowers to the Banyan tree, sprinkle vermillion, tie the trunk of the tree with cotton threads and circumambulate the holy banyan tree 108 times. These lovely married women determine to remain loyal to their spouse and cherish to be with their present husband even in the next birth. Vat Savitri Vrat is, thus, the symbol of dedication and commitment to marital bliss.

Important Date And Timings For Vat Savitri Vrat 2020

Vat Savitri Vrat 2020 Date: 22nd May 2020

Sunrise: 6.18 AM

Sunset: 6.12 PM

Amavasya Tithi begins at 8.05 PM on 21st May 2020

Amavasya Tithi ends at 9.38 PM on 22nd May 2020

Satyavan-Savitri Story-The Legend of Vat Savitri Vrat or Vat Purnima Vrat:

Princess Savitri fell in love with Satyavan and was made aware of the news that Satyavan was destined to die within a year but she promised not to let him die. As predicted, one year later Satyavan died in the forest while cutting wood under a banyan tree and Yamraj came to collect his soul. Savitri constantly begged for his life. Yamraj was impressed by the devotion of Savitri and gave back her husband's life.
The Satyavan-Savitri story tells the true bonding of husband-wife relationship and the essence of a true married life.

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Vat Savitri Vrat Puja Samagri List:

Vat Savitri Vrat 2020 Puja ingredients are listed below:
Vat Savitri Yantra
Satyavan-Savitri Photo
Vat Savitri Panchamrit preparation: Honey, milk, yogurt, sugar, ghee
Vat Savitri Vrat Katha Book
Camphor, cardamom, Betel Nut, Kesar, sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, vermillion, Almonds, durva, perfume, incense sticks, fruits, sweets, flowers, coconut, mango, white cloth, red thread, and Ganga Jal.

Vat Savitri Vrat Puja Vidhi or Vat Purnima Vrat Puja Vidhi:

  • As a Hindu married women, begin the Vat Savitri Vrat on the Trayodashi.
  • On the first day of the fast, apply sesame paste and amla (Indian gooseberry).
  • Consume the roots of the Banyan tree during Vat Savitri Vrat.
  • Paint Banyan tree on wood or plate with turmeric or sandalwood paste and worship this for the next three days.
  • On the fourth day of the fast, wake up early in the morning and take a ritual bath.
  • Establish the idols of Satyavan-Savitri and Yamraj at the banyan tree.
  • Wear bridal garment along with jewellery and vermilion on your forehead.
  • Offer prayers to the Banyan tree. Also, pray to Savitri who should be worshiped as a deity.
  • Sprinkle vermillion around the tree and tie yellow or red coloured sacred threads around the trunk of the tree.
  • Now, move around the banyan tree seven times and chant prayers.
  • If you are still an unmarried girl, you can dress in a yellow sari and pray to get a good husband for your future.
  • Break your fast on the Purnima by having the prasad which includes wet pulses, mango, jack fruits, banana, and lemon.

The Significance of Vat Savitri Vrat or Vat Purnima Vrat:

  • The Vat or Banyan tree has a great significance in Hinduism. Banyan tree represents three supreme deities of Hindu- Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

  • Vat Savitri Vrat is observed by married women for three days and begins two days prior to the Amavasya or Purnima in the Jyestha month.
  • It is believed that by observing this fast, married women are able to bring good luck and fortune for their husbands the way pious and committed Savitri brought her husband's life back from the jaws of death.

Benefits of Vat Savitri Vrat or Vat Purnima Vrat:

  • It is believed that Vat Savitri Vrat blesses the married Hindu women with a better life and good fortune.
  • It is believed that if you, as a married Hindu woman, observe the fast with devotion, you will be able to bring good luck, longer life, and prosperity for your husband.
  • It is believed that if you perform all the rituals of Vat Savitri Vrat to enjoy a happy and peaceful married life.

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Ganesha wishes you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous Vat Savitri Vrat.

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