Ring In The Tamil New Year To Embark On A Journey For Renewal

Puthandu/Tamil New Year 2020

Puthandu or Tamil New Year is observed on the first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai. It is also known as Varusha Pirappu. In Tamilnadu, Sankranthi takes place after sunrise and before sunset and the year commences on the same day. If Sankranthi takes place after sunset then the year begins on the following day. For this year, Puthandu will occur on Tuesday, April 14. The Sankranthi moment on the day of Puthandu will be at 08:43 PM.

Tamil Puthandu is the celebration of the Tamil New Year which falls on the first day of the month of Chithirai. Chittirai is the beginning month of the Tamil solar calendar and Puthandu marks the onset of the new calendric year.

Puthandu Festival Significance

Puthandu is the first day of the Tamil New Year as per their solar calendar. This day is observed by the Tamil communities as a day when Lord Brahma created the Universe while some believe that Lord Indra, who is known as the ‘Prince of Harmony’, visited Earth on the day of Puthandu to certify contentment and amity.

In Southern India, especially in the state of Tamilnadu ,Puthandu is a day of feasting and merrymaking. People celebrate the festival with immense hope and joy to ensure that the commencing New Year may fill their lives with prosperity and good fortune. It is also considered to be an auspicious day to start new businesses or ventures.

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Tamil New Year Rituals & Celebrations

The special day of Puthandu signifies the onset or the beginning of the Tamilian New Year. It is considered an auspicious day for people to embark life’ journey into a fresh New Year and renew filial bonds. The festivities of the occasion start along with holy rituals to maintain the sanctity of the festival.

  • A popular custom of ‘Kanni’ is followed where the auspicious sight is carried a day before the rituals. A plate decorated with fruits, jewellery, cash, betel leaves, flowers and a mirror is placed to ensure that Kanni is seen at the first sight. As it is a belief that seeing Kanni at the first sight brings happiness and prosperity in the coming New Year.
  • ‘Kolam’ or powdered rice flour is used to beautifully decorate houses and surroundings. ‘Kuthuvilakku’ which signifies a lamp is placed in the middle of the Kolam that represents the removal of darkness from life.
  • People wear new bright coloured clothes and greet each other by wishing Puthandu Pirappuv or Puthandu Vazthukal which means ‘Happy New Year’.
  • Delicacies such as Asma, Aluva, Aggala, Kevum, Kokis and Atirasa are prepared three days before the New Year. These are special items cooked during Puthandu.
  • Children feel excited as they receive gifts and money tokens from elders.
  • Devotees visit temples to receive divine blessings. While some Tamilian families perform rituals like ‘Tharpanam’ for the salvation of the departed souls of their ancestors.
  • The highlights of the New Year day is the organising of a car festival at Tiruvidaimarudur and the grand marriage of Goddess Meenakshi to Lord Sundareswarar in the famous temple of Madurai.

Puthandu is the first day of the Tamil New Year and is celebrated as per traditional rituals.This day is celebrated as New Year in many regions or states of India with different names.Vishu in Kerala,Baisakhi in Punjab,Pana Sankranti in Odisha and Pohela Boishakh in West Bengal.

Ganesha wishes you a Happy And Blessed Puthandu!

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