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Uncover all the facts about Hindi Diwas 2024 and its significance

Uncover all the facts about Hindi Diwas 2023 and its significance

We all feel that love and connection with each other in India despite being from different religions. This is due to the Hindi language that weaves everyone together. To pay respect to this notable language, Hindi Diwas is celebrated across India and other places in the World. This day is also referred to as Hindi day or Hindi divas. The Constituent Assembly of India had approved this language as one of the two formal linguals of the Indian Republic.

Hence, Sept 14 is observed as the Hindi Diwas every year, after being adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India in 1949.

About Hindi Diwas

Hindi, penned down in Devanagari script, was accepted as the official language as per the Article 343 of the Constitution of India. The Constituent assembly got approval for its decision on the 26th of January, 1950 – the day when the Constitution of India started operating. The usage of Hindi as the prime communication language began in 1950 in the Union government of India. The year 1953 marked the celebration of the 1st Hindi Diwas.

Not only that, but Hindi is also the key language used for communication between the State governments and the Union government. Additionally, the State governments had the freedom to choose other languages in alignment with their specific states. Thus, apart from Hindi and English, the Constitution of India sanctioned 22 languages as formal ones.

History and Significance of Hindi Diwas

The drafting committee of the constitution was greatly perplexed about finalizing the language, which could be the face of India, due to its vast culture. As Hindustani was widely used by Hindus as well as Muslims in North India, Mahatma Gandhi had declared his desire for its adoption as the native language. Many people, including Beohar Rajendra Simha, Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, and others held rallies and campaigns for Hindi. The reason being it was the topmost vocal language.

Sept 14, 1949, was the 50th birthday of Beohar Rajendra Simha, the day on which the results were in their favour and Hindi was declared as the official language. However, it is worth noting that the Indian Constitution doesn’t approve any of them as the national language, but Hindi and other 21 languages are known to be the formal ones.

What To Do For Hindi Day Celebration?

  • Each year, many events and activities are held in schools, colleges, government places, and various organisations in observance of Hindi Diwas.
  • Teachers, public and notable speakers cast light about the importance of Hindi in our lives on this day.
  • Students portray wonderfully the essence of the language by showing powerful views and deep respect towards our mother tongue.
  • Moreover, schools and colleges also conduct various activities such as writing essays and poems, giving speeches, performing skits and debates, and so on.
  • Political departments and social organisations also arrange several functions on this day. The leaders of various parties and other influential people spread light to the significance of Hindi and their respective languages with great honour.

Some Facts About Hindi

  • Approximately 4.46% of people in the world use Hindi as their language of communication.
  • After Chinese, Spanish and English; Hindi ranks the 4th in the list of top most languages spoken in the world. In spite of this rank, the United Nations hasn’t approved it as one of their formal languages. But active efforts are made by the Indian government since 2015 to get Hindi added in the official languages.
  • Hindi has about 16 vernacular languages, out of which Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Bundeli and Khariboli are noteworthy ones.
  • Hindi is the fruit of the initial type of Vedic Sanskrit, along Sauraseni Prakrit and Śauraseni Apabhraṃśa.
  • The 2011 census of India shows the presence of about 528 million Hindi native speakers, which sums to approximate 43% of the Indian population.
  • Regions like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan majorly use Hindi as their language.

Celebrate Hindi Diwas with great honour, convey love and respect dedicated to our dear language this September 14 2024. Happy Hindi Day to all.

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