Nakshatra – Revati

Revati is considered as a nakshatra that nourishes and brings prosperity, growth, and vitality. Revati is excellent to start a new journey, marriage ceremonies, conceiving a child, or purchasing new clothes. The nakshatra is represented by fish depicting learning and movement. Revati folks are often good looking and extroverted. They can be the life of any party and stand out from the crowd, wherever they go. They possess strong intuition because of which they can make the right decisions most of the time. However, sometimes they can get carried away, as a result of being empathetic. Their empathy burns them out completely, as they go out and about to help people before having their needs met. Revati Nakshatra is highly compatible with Bharani nakshatra. Apart from Bharani nakshatra, they also find happiness and solace with Punarvasu, Pushya, Anuradha, Hasta, and Uttara-Bhadra. They can be very good writers, journalists, entertainers, and religious workers.

Revati Nakshatra in Astrology

Revati — Ranges from Degrees 16.40 – 30.00 in the Pisces sign, and is ruled by Mercury. It is considered as an excellent nakshatra. 

Revati Nakshatra Characteristics: Male

The native of the Revati Nakshatra is pure-hearted, soft-spoken and sincere in his dealings, both in his personal and professional lives. Also, he knows the right thing to say at the right time, so he is unlikely to ever hurt anyone with his words or deeds. Because he leads an independent life, he can easily get hurt if someone tries to control his freedom. Though he does not trust anyone blindly, once he has given them his trust after great deliberation, he tends to get attached to those people. This native is very ambitious, and even a slight setback can make him depressed.
Revati Nakshatra Male: Profession and Related Areas
The male native of the Revati Nakshatra is likely to jump at any opportunity to do any work, irrespective of whether he is capable of handling it or not. This generally leads to failure and disappointment. If he pauses for a moment and things hard upon the work he would like to do and then take up that work, no power in the world can stop him from achieving greatness in his chosen field. He also has a strong will-power and overcomes difficult obstacles to reach his goals. The native will be of a scientific bent of mind, will be interested in doing historical research, especially in cultures, including astrology and astronomy. His rewards are unlikely to be in proportion with his hard-work till the age of 50, after which he can expect to lead a stable and comfortable life.

Revati Nakshatra Male: Compatibility and Family life
The native of the Revati Nakshatra, it has been observed, cannot expect to gain any benefits from his relatives, including his father and other family members. But, he will enjoy his conjugal life and his rapport with his wife will be quite good, as she will be of a flexible nature.

Revati Nakshatra Male: Health and Well-Being
The health of the male native of the Revati Nakshatra may not be too good, as he will keep getting fever, dysentery or face problems related to his teeth and gums. Stomach ulcers and ear problems may also cause concern.

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Revati Nakshatra Characteristics: Female

The lady born in Revati Nakshatra is headstrong, and is prone to dominating others, both at home and in her profession. However, she is god-fearing, superstitious, and observes all religious practices and rituals.
Revati Nakshatra Female: Profession and Related Areas
The female native of the Revati Nakshatra is likely to be educated in the fine arts or mathematics. As a professional, she may end up as a telephone operator, teacher or a public relations officer. If the good and powerful planets shower their blessings on her she may even end up as a high-level diplomat in politics.

Revati Nakshatra Female: Compatibility and Family life
The female native of the Revati Nakshatra will enjoy a very smooth and harmonious married life, enjoying all the carnal pleasures and material comforts provided by her doting husband. There may sometimes be minor tiffs with in-laws but they will soon be sorted out.

Revati Nakshatra Female: Health and Well-Being
The health of this native may be problematic sometimes. She is likely to have ailments in the stomach, feet, and ears.

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Revati Nakshatra As Per Padas

Revati Nakshatra 1st Pada: The first pada of the Revati Nakshatra falls in the Sagittarius sun sign Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. Here the focus of the natives is on being casual and generous. These natives will be very optimistic.

Revati Nakshatra 2nd Pada: The second pada of the Revati Nakshatra falls in the Capricorn Navamsa ruled by Saturn. Here the focus of the native is on being well-organized, and sticking to the tried and tested path, without taking any risks.

Revati Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of the Revati Nakshatra falls in the Aquarius Navamsa ruled by Saturn. Here the focus is on being compassionate and sensitive to the pains of others, and do everything to help them.

Revati Nakshatra 4th Pada: The fourth pada of the Revati Nakshatra falls in the Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. Here the native is prone to dreaming and building castles in the air. The native here is also easily influenced.

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Horoscope For All Areas of Life: Revati Nakshatra in 2023

Will you directly get to sit on the Iron Throne and be the king leading the command of your life. Or will the games of planets make you face the wrath of the dragon or the winter of the North? Know what have planets planned for you in terms of finance, career, love and health in the year 2023.
2023 Career and Business Horoscope
In the year 2023, when it comes to the career front, as a professional, it is time for you to provide special attention to your work. Even though your boss may not recognise your work, you must give importance to your work. There may be times when even your seniors may be harsh on you telling; you are inefficient in your work. Therefore, to avoid such tauntings, you may need to give extra attention to your work.

Following the instructions and being arduous, you may gain your success by the mid part of the year. Luckily, you may also be fortunate to gain a good position in your job.

For people doing business, the start of the year is quite normal. Nevertheless, moving from the mid-part to the last months of the year, you may experience growth in your business. Moreover, you may also launch a new business, which may help you grow your business.

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2023 Love and Relationship Horoscope
With the starting of 2023, you may need to take the support of your family members to build a strong relationship. And without a doubt, when it comes to sustaining relationships at the workplace, your elders might give their full support. Your home atmosphere is likely to be full of happiness and joy. In the year 2023, there seem to be some celebrations as your family may organise some big ritual or a specific auspicious pooja or yagna. Luckily, due to the support of your brothers and sisters, you may gain huge returns in your business.

For married couples, there seems to be a different zone to cherish this year. You may need to transform yourself regarding your behaviour to handle your married life. This is quite vital as your usual aggressive and stoic demeanour may add a rough patch to your married life. The second half of the year seems to be more favourable for you as it may fill your married life full of love and intimacy.

For individuals in a love relationship, this year seems normal as there may not be any disturbances or struggles to keep your love life. Moreover, the start of the year is likely to bring lots of love as it may help you to speak your heart out. Nevertheless, during the middle part of the year, tension may seem to grow in your love relationship. Additionally, if you may not overcome this tension, then there may be the possibility of breaking up your relationships during the last part of the year. So, when it comes to your love, be very cautious in handling your relationship.

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2023 Finance Horoscope
The year 2023 is likely to be favourable for you from a financial point of view. You may invest a huge amount this year and also might be lucky to receive huge gains due to your past investments. Additionally, it is advisable that you do not invest in the stock market during the middle of the year as it may not be favourable for you as there are chances of having loss.

However, fortunately, you may gain success during the last period of the year. For employed people, the last months of the year are favourable as you may receive huge amounts for all your efforts invested earlier. Luckily, you may also receive huge gains through the government sector during the middle months of the year.

2023 Health Horoscope
At the beginning of the year 2023, there may be incidences of stress which you may need to be careful about. Because any stress, anxiety or mental tension may pave the way to health conditions. Therefore, this year, you need to take care of your health. Besides eating healthy food, you need to avoid stress specifically in order to prevent any health problems. Therefore, hygiene and good eating habits are important for your health. Because taking health for granted may lead to sickness. Additionally, you may need to stop taking meals outside, such as junkies and fast food. Avoiding outside food might help your digestive system and keep you healthy, and you can lead a happy, healthy life.

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Dates for Revati Nakshatra in 2023
January 26 , 2023 February 23, 2023 March 19, 2023
April 19, 2023 May 16, 2023 June 12, 2023
July 09, 2023 August 06, 2023 September 02, 2023
September 29, 2023 October 27, 2023 November 23, 2023
December 20, 2023
Interesting Facts about Revati Nakshatra

Perfect limbs, amicable manners, deep knowledge, wealthy, does not covet the property of others

Nakshatra Meaning: The nourisher, who offers guidance and protection on one’s path

Nakshatra Lord/Swami Grah: Mercury

Nakshatra Body: Feet, Ankles, Abdomen and Groin

Nakshatra Symbol: Drum for keeping time

Nakshatra Deity: Pushan – the nurturer protector of flocks and herds

Nakshatra Caste: Vyshya

Nakshatra Nature: The soft mild and tender (Mridu)

Nakshatra Gana: Deva Gana (god-like)

Nakshatra Rashi / Zodiac Sign: Pisces sign

Nakshatra Marriage: Auspicious

Nakshatra Translation: The wealthy one

Nakshatra Controlling Planet: Mercury

Ruling Deity of Mercury: Vishnu

Nakshatra Number: 27

Nakshatra Gender: Female

Nakshatra Names letters: The, Tho, Cha, Chi

Nakshatra Lucky letters: D & C

Nakshatra Lucky Colour: Brown

Nakshatra Lucky Stone: Emerald

Nakshatra Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 5

Nakshatra Common Name: Indian Butter Tree

Nakshatra Astronomical Name: Zeta Piscium

Nakshatra Botanical Name: Madhuca Indica

Nakshatra Element: Ether

Nakshatra Guna: Sattwic

Nakshatra Dosha: Kapha

Nakshatra Bird: Kestrel

Nakshatra Yoni/Animal Symbol: A Female Elephant

Nakshatra Tree: Madhuka or Honey tree, Butter Tree

List of Nakshatras
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