Virgo Horoscope

General Description: The Sun enters Virgo on or around August 23. The people born under the Zodiac Sign Virgo have a great sense of duty and will leave no stone unturned to do the job assigned to them perfectly. Energetic, intelligent and efficient that they are, the Virgo can accomplish quite a lot in life. Besides, they are always helpful and humble. However, the Virgo tend to be picky and overly critical, and their insistence on perfection many a times gets in the way of their clear thinking. Furthermore, you can avail 100% personalised astrologer generated Natal Chart based Career or Business Strengths Reading – it will help you to identify your strengths so that you can work on it and derive maximum benefit.

Element – Earth.
Quality – Mutable (= flexibility).
Characteristics: Earthy, mutable, feminine, cold.

Ruling planet: Mercury.
Detriment: Neptune.
Exaltation: Mercury.
Fall: Venus.
Symbol: the Virgin.

The Symbol denotes: Matters pertaining to food, fitness, clothing, hygiene and health.

Birthstone – Sardonyx.
Birth Colours – Earth tones, ochre, orange, yellow.
Other lucky colours – Grey, fawn, muted yellows, mushroom, blues, greens and brown.
Flowers and Plants – Narcissus, all small, coloured flowers especially blue and yellow and all nuts.
Quality most needed for balance – A broader perspective.
Deepest need – To be useful and productive.
Compatible Signs – Taurus, Capricorn.
Best sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships – Pisces.

Anatomically Virgo corresponds to: Bowels or abdomen; rectal and abdominal muscles; arteries serving the digestive system, particularly the intestine; intestinal veins.

Noteworthy qualities: Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, efficiency, cautiousness, intelligence, domesticity, prudence, industriousness, action-orientation, intuitiveness, perfectionism.

Undesirable personality traits: Selfishness, irritability, apprehension, secretiveness, scepticism, coldness, unresponsiveness, inconstancy, indecision, short tempered nature, timidity, calculative approach. If you’re facing problems in your personal life and looking out for solutions – you can straight away Ask Personal 3 Questions based on your personal Horoscope and get fully personalised answers from an expert astrologer. The personalised answers will help you to develop a fresh perspective and enable you to deal with the problems in a much better manner. You may also like to read about Virgo Moon Sign.