Dec 2014

On the financial front, your mind is likely to function quite sharply this week, predicts Ganesha. You shall make some smart moves to boost your financial prospects. Short term travel may also bear encouraging results for businessmen and freelancers. If you are in the marketing field also you may gain substantially. Your maturity and compassion shall help you win over people now. A good work-life balance shall help you keep your equanimity in demanding times. However, remember that this is not a good time to take action. Think hard and plan, but go easy when it comes to the actual execution, says Ganesha. On the financial front, if you are finding it difficult to save money, you shall greatly benefit from the personalised service Remedial Solution for Wealth, which is based on the details of your Natal Chart. If you are middle-aged or older, health may be a matter of concern. Consult a doctor even for something that may appear to be minor.

Jan 2015

As the month begins, you shall have a positive mindset, which shall help you grab any opportunity, as soon as it strikes. This is a very nice way to be and work, commends Ganesha. Despite facing some disappointments, you shall remain focused on your goals, because of an unfailing desire to succeed. In the month ahead, your personal relationships too shall improve, lifting your spirits even higher. This, in turn, shall help you focus entirely on your most important tasks, at hand. At the work front, you shall be geared up to give your one hundred percent to achieve your work targets, way before the deadlines, thereby beating the set expectations. Your superiors may notice your good performance, and might reward you with a better position or an enhanced job role. In all likelihood, your hard work shall bring immediate career advancement for you. Young men and women shall largely enjoy good health. However, the middle aged and elderly people shall have to go for regular health check ups. In the second week of January, Saturn will influence your second House that is related to money. Some unexpected expenses are on the cards, which may hinder your saving plans. Be careful. In case, you need astrological guidance concerning your finances, you may directly Speak to an Astrologer – NOW – who shall analyse and provide immediate answers to you, after looking at your Birth Horoscope.

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