Taurus Monthly Horoscope

(21st April to 21st May)

This Month (Nov 2015)

This month, you are likely to shift gears and accelerate your pace towards your desired goals. Expectations may run high, and you don’t intend to disappoint or fail anyone. Hence, you will leave no stone unturned to make an impact, be it on the personal front or professional.

Your likings for all things luxurious and elegant may surface during mid-November. You are likely to pamper yourself indulging in shopping, beauty treatments and therapies, spa, et al.

Professionals – your organisational skills are likely to come to the fore as you will be entrusted with an important work, which may require multitasking. Systematic as you are, you will set your priorities as soon as the month begins to avoid goof ups. Good news is that you will accomplish the assigned task in time, and are likely to be appreciated by superiors. However, don’t put yourself at ease after this episode, as responsibilities are bound to increase as the month proceeds.

Mercury and Saturn posited in the 8th House, are likely to make you averse of taking risks, in general. This is likely to affect businessmen, in particular. If you are not ready to take risk, you will have to put in more efforts to keep the money flowing in. Also, you may face difficulties in winning high value customers. In short, maintain a suitable pace of work to avoid chaos in future.

At home, your equation with your spouse is likely to put a question mark over the unity and harmony of the family. Being blamed for no fault of yours may shock and upset you to a great extent. Calm down before emotions take over your mind. Think maturely and communicate with your partner to give your relationship a new lease of life, advises Ganesha.

Money, during the month, is likely to come and go. Spending money to buy peace for the family, household expenditures, going on shopping sprees and other plush indulgences are likely to send the expense graph northwards. However, you are likely to enjoy a comfortable financial position, with a good saving potential.

In regards to health, Ganesha says that people suffering from hypertension will have to keep their fluctuating blood pressure under control to avoid complications in future.

Tip: Keep your cool, and do not get worked up. Maintain emotional balance, or you may hurt your future prospects.

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Taurus Overview (April 21 – May 21)

Sanskrit Name : Vrishabha | Meaning of Name : The Bull | Type : Earth-Fixed-Negative | Lord : Venus :Blue, Blue-Green | Lucky Day : Friday, Monday | Lucky Number : 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51

Taurus, the 2nd Sign of the Zodiac, is an Earth Sign. It is hard working, rock solid, stable and practical. Ruled by Venus, Taurus, however, is also given tremendously to sensual pleasures. So, be it the physical pleasures or material comforts, the Taurus-born love to indulge in excesses. And, they will not hesitate in going an extra mile to find these pleasures. Most Taurus-borns are connoisseurs of good food and good life. Paradoxically, though, Taurus natives are fixed in their approach; they disregard change. They are loyal and attached to their loved ones, jobs, employers, project, friends and almost everyone and everything. Many believe Taurus to be the most dependable Sign in the whole Zodiac, simply because Taurus hates the idea of ‘change’. This attribute make Taurus quite headstrong and stubborn. When extended to work, this very stubbornness becomes a boon – as the Taurus Individuals are seen slogging it out to achieve what they have set out for. They are happy, willing, patient and sincere in their overall approach. Unlike Aries, Taurus are also gifted with an ability to see a project to completion. However, when applied to their personal realm, this obstinate streak makes Taurus quite a tough nut to crack. You will see them creating a hue and cry, whenever pushed to alter their schedules and priorities. Note that it is extremely difficult to convince Taurus to change their minds. Also, many Taurus individuals are slow and lazy, which may irritate their partners. Nonetheless, the possessive Taurus individuals make excellent lovers, as they tend to value their loved ones, over everyone and everything. Their own personal lives and security net are precious to Bulls, and they do not hesitate to shower their beloved with amazing gifts.