Feb 2015

This week you shall act with unprecedented conviction and courage, foretells Ganesha. On the personal and financial fronts, you shall be comfortable. You may wish to buy some luxurious things for the home to provide creature comforts to your near and dear ones. However, avoid indulging in purely pleasure-seeking activities. This is also a good time to buy a vehicle, if you have been eyeing one lately. If you want to buy a house, you may start searching for one which will suit your needs best. At work, you may have to shoulder some extra responsibilities temporarily, due to the absence of a senior person. And, this may work well for you, since your abilities shall be tested, and if you manage to handle things well, you shall get recognition from your bosses. It’s also the time for career appraisals! Are you prepared? What plans you have for your career in the coming times? Clueless? Well, it’s still not too late. Prepare a roadmap for your career with Astrology based, personalised guidance Career Reports that shall be prepared exclusively for you, basis your Personal Horoscope.

Mar 2015

The planetary configurations indicate that there are likely to be minor setbacks for businessmen this month, which may hamper your progress towards your goals. Ganesha advises you to use this time to detect the problems in your ongoing projects and loopholes in projects that are in the pipeline. Most importantly, you need to remain cool and composed, or things may get worse. Professionals will have to be on their toes in the beginning of the month. Some mistakes on your part in the tasks assigned to you may land you in deep water, cautions Ganesha. Double-check all tasks before you send them across. You will get busier by the day, with more and more assignments coming your way, making you feel depleted. A small outing with loved ones will work in your favour, and you will come back full of zest and gusto. During the second fortnight of the month, engulfed by negativity, you may fail to notice the constructive side of any development. Try to be alert, and stay down to earth. In case, your personal issues seem to be going out of hand, do not waste any time in addressing them. To get personalised Astrological advice – Speak to an Astrologer!

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