Mar 2015

The planetary configurations this week shall make you feel confident, which has to be a great news. Nonetheless, you would do well to guard against becoming over-confident. There also is a possibility that you may get agitated at the slightest of provocation. And, Saturn placed in the 8th House from your Sign may brew discontent and dissatisfaction further, Jupiter, the favourable planet for you, will not have a positive influence now. The present position of Jupiter, as the ruler of the 8th House, placed in the 4th House from your Sign – does not bode well for domestic matters. This could also aggravate old health issues. Be specially careful, if you have been suffering from a persistent health ailment. On the positive side, you shall manage to develop a better rapport with your friends, who will stand you in good stead, when you need their assistance. Another financial year is nearing its end! What should be your plan? Will you be able to expand your money pool? What exactly should you do to salvage your dire money situation? Seek help from your Personal Stars! Basis your Birth Details, our Astrologers will create your Personal Horoscope for the next 12 months, which will help them bring you unique answers and solutions. Plan a long term picture with a 5 Year Wealth Report, OR Ask a Wealth Question (Detailed Advice)to get answer to your questions. You may also plan your investments for the next FY with personalised Investment Advice.

Apr 2015

You may feel torn between your personal and professional lives this month, foresees Ganesha. Though you shall experience a lot of positive events at home, things at your workplace may drag your spirits down. You shall be so dissatisfied with the atmosphere at your current workplace that you may seriously start thinking about a job change. Unfortunately, the planets may not help you in your search for a better opportunity. So, instead of sulking over your misfortune, keep up the good work. The stars are bound to turn benevolent around the middle of the month, when you will be able to successfully complete the tasks assigned to you, and in return, shall be applauded for your good work. To improve your professional prospects in this Financial Year, trust personalised Astrology. Invest in Career Ask A Question – Detailed Advice, answer to which shall be given as per the details of your Birth Chart, and thus shall be 100% unique to your life and career situation. For businessmen, profitable deals will come their way. Operations, though, will slow down in the latter half of the month. But, rest assured, you shall end the month on a high. On the financial front, rising expenses, both expected and unexpected, may become a cause of concern for you.