Dec 2014

You may expect some ups and downs this week, predicts Ganesha. With the new Moon evolving and Sun entering Aquarius, new job opportunities will come. Also, the Sun will now be influenced by Jupiter, a good omen. However, since Saturn will be placed in the 10th House from your Sign, you shall need to focus hard on routine work, which may be boring, to avoid goof-ups. Later, the influence of Jupiter shall bring your spiritual side to the fore, giving you great relief. You shall then be able to relax. Due to Mercury turning retrograde, you shall review your past actions, which will help you perform better in the future. On the monetary front, you may be hard up and may have to borrow for unforeseen contingencies. Luckily your close associates will help you out. Also, try the thoroughly personalised service Wealth Ask 3 Question to help yourself make and save more money. The service is totally based on the details of your Birth Chart and prepared by our expert astrologers.

Jan 2015

As the new year begins, you shall be all charged up, full of new vigour and energy, vying to start afresh. Nonetheless, refrain from implementing any of your new ideas right away, concerning your personal or professional life. Rather, you should wait for an opportune time to take action upon. The time, however, will not be favourable for taking action on the most important or pressing matters at your hand. The strategy of wait and watch is what you shall need to adopt right now. Married ones may find the going a bit tough at this time. It may happen that your spouse may act indifferently towards you, or may not give due attention to your needs. In all likelihood, this may hurt you, which may further adversely affect your work. The need of the hour will be to stay composed, as matters are set to get better, and they should – slowly and gradually, assures Ganesha. Around the second week of January, Mars, the ruler of the ninth House from your Sign, will enter your Sign. This planetary transit shall bring you out from the troubles of past weeks, by diverting your mind to other equally important matters. If you are already feel lighter, thank the stars, and do gear up to take the best advantage of this happy time. Take matters in your hand, and if need be, take the sage guidance of Astrology to chalk out a road map for your future. Speak to an Astrologeror get a detailed report like 2015 Detailed Yearly Report.

Feb 2015

You may feel a bit unlucky in the initial stages of the month, feels Ganesha, and you may feel emotionally hurt by minor things which you would normally ignore. Moreover, you may continue to face hostile situations at work and home for some time. As a result your relationship with your better half will also be strained initially, to improve which you could check out the customised service Marital Problems, which is prepared basis the details of your Birth Chart by our expert astrologers. And, since both of you will be on an ego trip, a compromise is also quite unlikely. But don’t lose heart, as things will begin to improve after the second week. You will then be able to think more clearly and take decisive action to bring an end to your woes. On the health front, do not neglect minor ailments, and take prompt treatment. In the latter part of the month, the stars will take a positive turn and you will be able to see the right direction and take steps towards achieving your objectives. Travel is on the cards and will prove to be fruitful.

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