Pisces Monthly Horoscope

(19th February to 20th March)

This Month (Aug 2015)

Staying focused shall not be too easy for you, as the month begins, given the diversions. There may also be delays and obstacles, especially in the first 10 days, which may make you confused. Take a deep breathe, and proceed ahead slowly, albeit steadily, says Ganesha. You can bank on your family’s support. Spend time with your loved ones to unwind. There may be some tiffs; emotions may run high on 15th, 16th and 25th, but it won’t be anything unavoidable. Money-wise, you will choose to be wise now, which is commendable. However, you may feel the planets are not supporting you. Got a money problem? Sort it out with sage and reliable Astrology guidance, basis your Birth Horoscope. Wealth Ask a Question (Detailed Advice). Work-wise, this may be an excellent month, given you refuse to get distracted. You may not expect a new job offer or a raise. In business, try reviving some lost and old contacts. Although, a rise in revenue is foreseen, expenses too may rise alongside. In domestic matters, you may end up spending behind an elderly member’s failing health. You yourself too will need to guard against seasonal illnesses. Singles looking for companionship and commitment may have to shelve their plans for the time being. If legal issues have been your concern, avoid litigation. Try settling the issue with the help of an arbitrator or a mediator.

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Pisces Overview

(February 19 – March 20)

Sanskrit Name : Meena | Meaning of Name : The Fish | Type : Water-Mutable-Negative | Lord : The Neptune :Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green | Lucky Day : Thursdays and Monday | Lucky Number : 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52

Pisces is the 12th and the last Sign of the Zodiac. It is known that Pisces somehow, thus, takes ups the different attributes of all the other 11 Signs. The dreamy and romantic Sign is known for its charming creative side, which, to some, is like free flowing poetry, while to others is akin to a fresh floral blossom. Many find generous and compassionate Pisces to be selfless, while others may feel that they (Pisces-born) are a tad rigid or fixed. Well, when it’s about the Pisces, just like it’s symbol of two fish aligned to swim in opposite direction, the paradoxes abound. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are seen to live in a world of their own; they tend to be detached, spiritual and quite focused on their inner journeys aimed at finding peace and harmony. Known to effortlessly ride the waves, without causing agitation, the Pisces natives hate confrontations. They prefer to take roundabouts, instead, and would do all they can to avoid conflicts. Modest and calm, they love to have and foster a feeling of security and cosiness around them. These natives love their cosy nests, and also make wonderful nurturers and parents. Caring, loving and loyal, Pisces are often a treat in love, unless they take to a negative manifestation (of their personality) or are, often irretrievably, jilted in love. For Fish, love is more about giving than receiving. Tolerant, respectful and forgiving, however, the Pisces, however, can be too timid in their ways, and this may make them subject to ill-treatment or taken for granted or betrayal. The Pisces also find it hard to change their set ways, and are found to be pretty lazy and passive. In their extreme negative behaviour, Pisces may be given to complete inaction, hedonism, vindictiveness and/ or multiple relationships.