Feb 2015

Early in the week you may feel a bit low, feels Ganesha, owing to adverse planetary transits. You may also experience some minor setbacks in your endeavours. Personal expenses stand to increase. The stressful circumstances surrounding you now may lure you to bad habits. However, it is here that you should restrain yourself, and join some meditation classes to overcome your depression. Businessmen may see a bulk of their goods being rejected for failing to meet quality standards. A thorough inspection of goods is required before you send them off for delivery. If you are running business in partnership, blame-game among partners could hurt overall business prospects. Even on the personal front, there are likely to be bitter disputes, so do your best to stay cool and calm. Another financial year is nearing its end! What should be your plan? Will you be able to expand your money pool? What exactly should you do to salvage your dire money situation? Seek help from your Personal Stars! Basis your Birth Details, our Astrologers will create your Personal Horoscope for the next 12 months, which will help them bring you unique answers and solutions. Plan a long term picture with a 5 Year Wealth Report, OR Ask a Wealth Question (Detailed Advice)to get answer to your questions. You may also plan your investments for the next FY with personalised Investment Advice.

Mar 2015

Businessmen may face troubles with outstanding dues, which may not flow in smoothly. That apart, this appears to be a good month for businessmen. Travel is on the cards, and will bear encouraging results. Avoid partnerships in the second half of the month. Professionals may not get along too well with co-workers. However, since you shall be too preoccupied with your own work, you shall have no time to interact with them, and it will be easy to ignore people with a negative attitude. There may be times, though, when you shall tend to lose your temper, which can have a very negative impact on your relationships, both on the professional and personal fronts, so be alert about keeping a check on this tendency. Take care of your precious relationships. And, if a certain issue seems to be slipping out of hand, do take personalised Astrology advice to address this at the earliest. Ask a Relationship Question!On the financial front, there is a likelihood of some unexpected expenses, so be alert and try your best to save some money for the rainy day.

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