Libra Decans

Born between September 23 and October 3
If a person is born between September 23 and October 3, their planetary ruler is Venus. This means – love more or less, always fills the lives of these people. Charming and attractive, they can easily attract and create a good impression on others, and they are very happy with this quality that they possess. The ideal peacemakers, they also excel when surrounded by different kinds of people. They are clever and romantic. Besides, these people have great imaginative and communication skills, which makes them unbeatable in the charm department. It is no wonder that many of them progress to great heights in creative fields. These people are also in love with the idea of being in love, and always want to be surrounded by beautiful things. They work especially hard to achieve balance and equality with their life partner. They love to create harmony in relationships, and don’t like heated arguments or debates. And, if there is any problem that you are facing on the relationship front, you shall profit from availing a personalised Natal Chart based service Relationships Ask 3 Question Detailed OR Compatibility Assessment Reading.

Born between October 4 and October 13
If a person is born between October 4 and October 13, the planetary rulers are both Saturn and Uranus. The nature of this person is strong but cannot be predicted. Their personality is very attractive. They have the ability and intelligence to take on the world. The persons born under this influence are also generous, thoughtful and serious. The best part is that they tend to keep their own interests in the back-seat, while being compassionate to other people. They get a great pleasure out of it. Very patient, tolerant and non-judgemental, these people make good friends. You can also get a FREE Friendship Report. However, these persons rarely share their burdens or worries with others, which sometimes makes them depressed. They take everything seriously and are responsible people. But if there is something that is really making you feel low, you might like to try the personalised Birth Chart based service Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues wherein these remedial solutions are recommended by expert astrologers of

Born between October 14 and October 23
If a person is born between October 14 and October 23, their planetary ruler is Mercury. The people born under this planetary influence have great communication and writing skills. From outside, these people may be strong and accurate. They possess great reserves of energy, and can work on their own. Usually they are their own bosses. With a little guidance, they can achieve a lot. The persons born under this influence are also analytical by nature, and are loyal and sociable beings. They have a great thirst for knowledge, and are constantly learning and trying to understand new things. These people love to communicate their thoughts to others, and are comfortable working with a large number of people. The combination of their logic and intuition gives them an edge over others. Last but not the least, these people are extremely loyal to those whom they love, but they expect the same in return. You might also be interested to know about Libra Facts.