Cancer Weekly Horoscope

(22nd June to 22nd July)

This Week (05-07-2015 – 11-07-2015)

Your sign is known to be a complex one, both at its best and its worst. Cancer is supposed to be one of the most intriguing signs of the zodiac. With the Moon as ruler of your sign, you tend to be moody, temperamental, sensitive and emotional. But with the Sun and Mars both placed in your sign now, you are likely to feel energetic and raring to go. Mercury will be in its own sign Gemini placed in the 12th House, mainly related to expenses. This will enable you to spend money wisely. Moreover, the position of two positive planets, Jupiter and Venus, is likely to keep you in a healthy financial position. However, with more guests visiting you this week, family-related expenses stand to increase substantially. With Jupiter influencing own sign in the 6th House related to employment, your position in job will remain secured. Businesspersons are also likely to profit from the benevolent influence of Jupiter. Around Thursday, Mercury, after a long stint in its own sign Gemini, shifts to Cancer. Time to start planning for your investments for the next year. What should you do that your money goals are in place? Get a clear idea of your wealth and money stars in advance, and plan accordingly. Invest in a Personal Horoscope based Wealth Reportavailable in 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years formats.

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