Cancer Weekly Horoscope

(22nd June to 22nd July)

This Week (26-07-2015 – 01-08-2015)

Your committed efforts at work are likely to be duly appreciated by your higher ups. You may then feel more secure and comfortable in your job. This is largely because of the benevolent aspect of Jupiter over the 6th House related to employment. But the presence of Ketu (south node) in the 10th House from your sign may act as a deterrent in your pursuit. However, with the aspect of Jupiter over the 10th House, you may be able to maintain your position even if your pace slows down. You are likely to feel comfortable financially as no major expenses are expected now. Relations with your spouse are likely to be cordial and life will be pleasant. Freshers looking for a suitable job opportunity may have a reason to cheer as they are likely to get a positive response from a reputed company. However, you may have to bargain hard for remuneration. In regard to health, no major problem is foreseen during this period. Remember that these are generalised predictions. To get specific, personalised view of your life, you will need to know how your own personal stars are aligned currently, and will be in future. Speak to An Astrologer to find out OR invest in a destiny reading like Detailed Life Predictions Report.

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