Taurus Traits

Taurus natives can be more gentle and fierce. You have strong opinions and never flip-flop on it for someone’s happiness. It is very difficult to change your state of mind once you are comfortable. You are enthusiastic, stoic, determined and materialistic. Your stubbornness is due to the strong will and determination. There is no activity, task or challenge that will beat you as you have endless reserves of persistence, patience, calmness, and resilience. 

Taurus is anchored by the Earth, the sign is highly passionate and is all about sensuality and urge of seeking pleasure. You make amazing friends, colleagues, and partners. You value honesty and do not tend to be overdramatic in personal relationships. Your first date is more like a job interview as you value honesty above everything. You will keep coming back to the same thing unless you find something or someone really interesting to move on in life. You are deeply caring, smart and wise. You are the best representation of growth and development. 

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About Taurus  (April 21 – May 21)

Sanskrit Name: Vrishabha
Meaning of Name: Bull
Type: Earth Fixed Sign

Taurus represents the love for worldly pleasures and is all about getting rewards. Its natives are practical and grounded. The sign harvests the fruits of its hard work. They are smart, ambitious, trustworthy and possess two energy speeds. They possess a strong and silent attitude and will like to talk in monologues. They always have an urge to be surrounded by love and beauty, turned to the material world, self-indulgence, and physical pleasures. They are sensual and tactile and possess a strong sense of touch and taste. 

The stable bulls are pleasant, determined, conservative, loyal, and stick to the area of their choice until they get satisfactory results. Their sense of determination infuses stubbornness in them. They will never give up and always hold the ground even if they are wrong and unable to get enough benefit from it. They live a balanced life with hard work and great success.

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Taurus Nature

Taurus natives value their sense of security and stability and lay down the foundations of inbuilt energy. You will have an urge for stability in your choices as well as the people you are associated with.. Being a bull, you have the honor of being a celestial spirit animal. You are charged by the power and strength of bull but at the same time, you are soft, patient and sophisticated.

You belong to the Earth sign, this is why the access to nature and its beauty is very important for you. You strongly want the beauty and love to be turned to the material world, self-indulgence and physical pleasures. You are quite stubborn and strong willed and hate the changes in life once you have settled down with a routine. You don’t take the risks in life that affect your stability. You are stubborn for your commitment and will push yourself to the end to finish the tasks.

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Taurus Men

Traits: Particular and well planned, patient, consistent, sensible, practical, reliable, stubborn, sensuous, straight forward

Compatibility: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces

The natives look big, sturdy, and tough but are loving and affectionate creatures. You will love to enjoy material comforts, worldly pleasures and all kinds of luxuries in life. You are typically more introverted, stubborn, and realistic.  You are an out-and-out family guy. You live your life slowly, steadily, and are not usually into abrupt changes. You simply hate sudden changes in life. You easily get along with others until they encounter your stubbornness and firm decisions. You absolutely will not change or move an inch once you are entrenched and deeply involved in a subject or task. You lack initiative, panic easily and get nervous when it is time to conquer the subject of your desire. 
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Taurus Women

Traits: Emotionally strong, independent, loyal, introverted, artistic, genuine, quick to temper, tomboyish, intelligent

Compatibility Signs for Taurus Women: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces

Taurus women are beauty-loving, sensual and even little self-indulgent at times. You are having good height to meet almost all the emergencies and unwanted situations coming your way. You are compassionate and feel that you are born only to make others happy. You possess a refined taste of material goods, deep reverence of nature, and all the finer things in life. You balance a firm determination and formidable work ethic with fun, enjoyment, leisure, and beauty. You will work hard when deadlines are near but also will rest hard in your free time. You are compassionate and feel that you are born only to make others happy. You have the ability to hang on to tight situations and difficulties in life. You value your tradition, loyalty, and stability.

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Taurus Career

Career Mantra: One step at a time

Lessons to be given: patience to finish complex projects, punctuality, practicality, self-reliance

Things you need to learn: find the worth of time spent, ability to take the risk, accept change

Taurus has a strong belief that only money can provide the stability and security they are looking for. You build up your career and finance at a slow pace. You are extremely hardworking and ever ready to face challenging situations. You patiently work on complex assignments and tasks and do everything to complete it effectively. You are also punctual at the workplace and attend all the events. You are great at delegating and giving credits when others deserve it. You can be incredibly creative when given the time and opportunity to do so.  You never utter the words "too busy" and immediately becomes a cherished member of any project or work team. You can be an amazing project manager, due to the ability to conceptualize an idea, segregate into parts and suss out who can best do what.

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Taurus Romance

Taurus Declaration: I possess

Key Phrase: I have

Lessons to give in love: Solidarity, the ability to fulfill material security, compassion, serious and down to earth approach  

Lessons to learn in love: Flexibility, ability to forgive and forget hurts and slights, being a good listener.  

Taurus always has an urge for security and stability in life. You are devoted, protective, sensual and never take love and romance lightly. You are a true, natural, poetic, and possess exquisite taste in love and romance. You are an elegant, serene, and romantic lover. You ensure to delight the senses and tickle the heart of a partner. You make your partner feel comfortable and offer pleasing gifts to them to make all small occasions special. You are not a player and are a possessive lover. You are attractive and pleasing but simply hate dramas in a love relationship. You find your soulmate with your true instinct and your soulmates will bring their high spirit and the flavor in the relationship.

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Taurus Relationship

Taurus natives are a complex combo of toughness and sensitivity. You may be in a slower paced courtship and usually take time to announce your love as you need to ensure your feelings. You also take time to know that the other person is quite strong and intelligent. You are quite traditional in seeking and maintaining relationships. You boldly handle all kinds of relationships and give your best after you develop confidence in them. 

Your relationships are long-lasting as you are devoted and fiercely loyal to your partners.  You are deep, committed and passionate in your relationship once you are assured that your partner is equally loyal and trustworthy to you. If you are betrayed, the level of hurt is very high, and you are unlikely to forgive or forget easily. You simply don’t give up in a relationship and invest a good time with them. You try harder so that the relationship will be stronger and there are no breaks in it. Family and commitment are as important as financial stability for you.

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In Decan sun sign astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three Decans. Hence, each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Every Decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits are attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how does it further shape your personality.

Venus will rule the person born from April 20 to April 29 and makes them sensual and passionate in nature. Hence most of the natives are pleasure-seeking and possess a tremendous will-power.
Mercury will rule the person born from April 30 to May 10 and makes them ambitious and determined for success. The natives are extremely talented in the varied fields from art to chemicals.
Saturn will rule the person born from May 11 to May 20 and it will inherit rigidity and inflexibility towards other people. The natives follow the path with single-minded devotion and are not open to new ideas.

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Taurus Facts

Taurus natives are strong, dependable and always lead the way while reaping the reward of the industrious work done in the past. You are labeled to many things ranging from hot head to short temper. But in reality, you are a complete package and are often chilled out and laid back. Your aggressive side comes only when people provoke you. In this situation, you fire back twice without hesitation. You possess a sponge-like brain in which you absorb maximum information and ideas.

Interesting Facts of Taurus
Taurus Facts: Intelligent, sarcastic, stubborn, savage, rebellious, problem solver, loyal, lie detector, protective, visionary, adventurous

Taurus Problem: You are poor and slow in communicating your feelings while dating 
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Moon in Taurus

Energy: feminine, semi-fruitful, earthy
Ruler: Venus
Impulse: Stability
Rules: Neck, throat, and voice

The natives with Taurus moon sign will tend to be quite romantic, attractive, good looking, elegant, persistent, determined, and grounded. Familiarity and steadiness are important to you. You can feel the senses and are pretty much grounded in your approach. You possess reliable instincts and are practical, frugal, and have a strong urge for stability and sweet security. You enjoy the finer things in life and materialistic possessions and luxuries are of utmost importance to you. But at the same time, you give prime importance to the relationships as well. You enjoy all sentiments that come along with material possessions and luxuries. You feel secure and comfortable in regular routine life and become a slave for it. You seldom change your mind once you have made a commitment. 

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Taurus Health

Taurus are immovable beings whose life revolves around sensory pleasures and possessions. You are endowed with beauty and charm when it comes to physical attributes. You generally tend to be superbly healthy and robust. You possess a great physique and strong stamina from birth.  So you are unlikely to suffer from major health problems.

Taurus is ruled by throats and so the natives mostly suffer from sore throat, congestion, and colds. You distrust the doctors and have a stubborn refusal to obey them. Hence, you may not have speedy recovery once you suffer from any ailments. Good food tickles your taste buds and you tend to overeat those items. You may become obese as you grow older.

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