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Leo Romance

Leo Romance

Leo Declaration: I am the king, follow me

Key Phrase:I will

Lessons to give in love:Great faith in the power of self and of love. Ability to love oneself, and to remain ecstatic when in love.

Lessons to learn in love: Modesty and humility. And, that love is as much about giving as it is about taking.

A Leo in love is very bold and will leave no doubt to their loved one of their feelings. Leos are stubborn and loyal. You are likely to do anything to protect and encourage your loved ones. A Leo in love is usually very generous with loved ones. They enjoy the beauty around them and will appreciate the beauty you bring to their lives.

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, for Leo.

You are sensual and get attracted to the opposite sex often. You may experience more love affairs. You are inclined towards flirting and dating and have no problem penciling new names onto the calendar. You are more inclined to love of pleasure and beauty which is liable to drive you from one attractive partner to another. Hence, people may think you to be a deceiving person. Though you thrive on the novelty of dating, you can be easily disappointed if your date fails to live up to your outsize expectations and fairy tale romance. Yet you are sincere and generous to the one whom you love deeply. Your love for them will last lifelong. Moreover, you are more demanding when it comes to love and romance. You are incapable of giving love and romance to the same level of your demand. You want to entertain and be entertained in relationships. For you, boredom is the kiss of death. You demand to be the center of attention for your romantic partner otherwise you will soon lose interest. Honesty is pivotal in building the foundation of love, for you. Once you are committed in love you are very stubborn, loyal and will do anything to protect and encourage your beloved. The way you offer warmth, generosity, and love to your partners, they usually get addicted to it. You will act as a pillar in your love relationships

Leo Man and Woman in Love exhibit feline behavior, like purring when stroked and admired. But after that, you strike out when that invisible line is crossed and go ferocious. Leo lovers do not necessarily play and cuddle. You move in love with inspiration, desire or heartfelt emotion. You are friendly but may seem standoffish during the initial phase of your courtship. You will put on a show and blind your partner with your charm and passion. You will do everything and plan uniquely to make your dates memorable in some way that’s highlight-reel worthy. You are attracted to confidence, courage and to those who have something special about them. In love, you are very bold and honest and will share all your feelings openly. Your loved ones will have no doubt about your love. Also, you expect loyalty and devotion in love. At the same time, you will reciprocate with fierce loyalty and devotion. You are very generous with loved ones. Along with that, you are very powerful in intimate relationships. It is tough for your partner to match your love and enthusiasm. You are never halfway in romantic relationships because most of the time your emotions are exaggerated. There is rarely a dull moment in your relationship. Your partner may need to fasten his/her seat belt for a bit of a wild ride full of adventure and excitement. It is important to consider the horoscopes of you and your partner while deciding how your love life will be.Access your Free Love Horoscope!

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