Leo Relationship

Leo Relationship

As a Lover
The Lion as a lover is an extremely passionate person. They are adventurous, fun and very energetic, especially when it comes to getting physical. They draw a clear distinction between love and sex. Ganesha says they will select a mate who allows them to take the lead in most things, who does not have any silly inhibitions, and does not interfere in their daily routine. In short, they are very independent people who prefer their partners to be intellectuals. Are you having a tough time finding a companion? Straight away know your Love Prospects with the help of Vedic astrology and online kundali matching with 100% personalised predictions about your love life and marriage life both. Read more on: Leo best compatibility

As a Father
As a father, the Lion is a very balanced person, says Ganesha. He is neither too lenient nor too strict with his children. He follows the carrots and sticks policy with his children to bring out the optimum potential in them. He fulfils all the desires of his children, allows them to take part in myriad extra-curricular activities, but will not allow them to compromise on their studies. His children, therefore, love and respect him. And, he is always around when his children need him.

As a Mother
As a mother, the Lion will not be very protective about her children, because she knows it can thwart their abilities from blooming. She has a hard outer shell, but is surprisingly soft from inside, though she never lets it on. She is a source of great motivation for her children and encourages them to achieve their full potential in their fields of choice. She will do her best to give her children all the exposure they need so that they grow up strong to tackle the various challenges of life.

As Children
The Lion cubs, apart from being rather stubborn, know their own minds and exactly what they want. Ganesha says they are unlikely to follow their parents' command each and every time. They would much rather do their own thing and excel in it. This does not mean to say that they ill-treat or misbehave with their parents. Actually, they have their own unique way of convincing their parents to let them do what they wish. So even though their parents may disagree with them, they usually fall to the charm of their children. Sometimes the children may find it difficult to choose a course of education to pursue – if such is the case, you can try out our personalised service Education Ask a Question or Education Ask A Question -Detailed Advice. Both the services are totally Birth Chart based and thus, 100% personalised.

As a Boss
The Lion as a boss can be quire strict and a hard task-master. They expect a lot from their employees, says Ganesha. However, they also provide a very conducive atmosphere for them to give their best shot. They will also organise cultural events in the office whenever the occasion demands it, so that the employees get a chance to unwind. They also give their employees enough freedom to function as per their abilities, but are very strict about deadlines.

As a Friend
The Lions form very true and loyal friendships, which is why they make ideal companions, says Ganesha. They will stand by their friends through thick and thin, right till the very end, which means, till they have solved the problems that their friends may be facing. They give all of their care and warmth to their friends and will always try to keep them happy and safe. Are you friends with a Leo? Is it just friendship or more than that? Avail personalised Birth Chart based Friends Or Lovers report to know where your relationship stands and whether it will go to the next level. You might also be interested to know about Leo in Romance.


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