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Leo Relationship

Leo Relationship

Leo, as a lover, is very bold and will leave no doubt to their loved one of their feelings. You do not play any head games and are extremely honest about what you want and feel. In fact, you burn bright and hot in a love relationship. For you, honesty is pivotal in building the foundation of love. After giving a commitment to the lover, you are stubbornly loyal and will do anything to protect and encourage their beloved. Your inclination for beautiful things will insist you to see your relationship as a beautiful thing as well. However, you love to spoil your their beloved with expensive dining, gifts, luxuries, and entertainment.

Leo rules the heart so you are generous, romantic and passionate. You tend to expect a lot from relationships. At times, you become possessive and jealous. It is mainly due to some insecurities you feel at the hands of your partner.

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You not only crave reward and recognition but also outrightly demand it. You have a strong personality and a need to be right in the workplace. You tend to make top-notch among your colleagues so that you can be a leader of all. It is due to your warmth, gregariousness, generosity, competence, and natural ability to lead. You will fearlessly get the job done despite adverse circumstances trembling in your way. You hate gossip, office politics, and being controlled by others. Moreover, you urge for authority, command, respect and appreciate authenticity. You will support your colleagues and stick up for them. You are born leaders and are always willing to take on more responsibilities. You may at times start treating your colleagues like your subordinates. Above this, you constantly need admiration from everyone around you.

You are high in demand among your friends as you are passionate, generous, loyal, open-minded, and creative beings. You are sociable and always respect your friends and acquaintances. At the same time, you expect them to reciprocate in the same way. You can make friends very quickly due to your charming and adorable personality. Your friends are naturally drawn to you and many are just happy to bask in your reflected light. You easily hand out their phone number, are quick to follow people on social media. It is very challenging to know you at a deeper level. Though you are friendly, you won’t share your inner emotional life until the person is very dear to you. You never talk behind the back of anyone. You are extremely honest, straightforward, and occasionally blunt. You are a true friend who talks straight and usually give honest feedback.

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You are a born leader who can be magnanimous or tyrannical. You will be fair and impartial. You expect that your employees should work hard to impress you, praise you, and never question your authority. You drive those who work hard and rarely be found sweating it out on your own. You have an innate sense of people, hence delegate work and responsibilities on the basis of their core strengths. However, you are a dramatic, self-confident, dominant, authoritative, and visionary boss. You tend to give clear directions, provide motivation, give honest feedback on what’s being done. You are highly enthusiastic, have a clear direction for long-term, and a healthy sense of humor that can make collaboration easy. Above this, you are extremely generous and give handsome rewards if your employees do a good job and achieve desired results. You can’t tolerate public opposition from your employees. Moreover, you expect unquestioning obedience from them.

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You set yourself as an example of optimism, courage, dignity, generosity, caring attitude, and a perfect organizer for serving your kids. You like to play with your kids and develop their abilities. Even if you teach them how to play various sports and encourage for different activities from a young age. You keep them happy and healthy and help them grow up to be great people. You are very protective in nature and safeguard them from all kinds of danger. As you love your children dearly, you are not able to notice their shortcomings. Therefore you may miss the time for their timely eradication. When these shortcomings become obvious, you take them into your own account, considering them your own faults. You are likely to take up an interest in the things that your kids care about.

Despite the dominant note of power and domination, you love your children with all your heart. In fact, you are strong, independent, and unstoppable. You are versatile and can perfectly plan and organize your personal life. At the same time, you successfully advance the career ladder. You are fierce for everyone but are soften up with your kids. You buy everything best for the kids, but you do not forget yourself in spite of many responsibilities. Hence your child also fully corresponds to your level. You try to develop your children to reach your children to a position or excel in the area you grew up in. You will give all the finer things to them so that they can grow up with all the skills and capabilities to earn beautiful things for themselves one day. You will definitely do not want to surpass your weaknesses in them. In this situation, you will try to develop the abilities of your kids. You will support them and boast of their achievements as their own.

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You are rewarded by many strengths like warmth, loyalty, enthusiasm, affection, generosity, and firm morals. Though you seem tough from outside, in fact, you are vulnerable, sensitive, and proud. You expect that your parents should talk softly with you; otherwise, it knocks your confidence. Your primary need is attention and approval and will do everything to gain an appreciation of others. You are proud and confident and unwilling to accept failure. You will not give up on things easily. You have a natural dramatic flair. You will treat others to spur-of-the-moment performances from a young age. You will keenly watch all the finer things in life that enhance your looks and personality. You will achieve a lot in life if you are praised and given credit for the right things done by you.

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You feel like a king and want to marry the one who is a queen bee. You expect her to give you attention and take good care of your family. You are never scared and are less likely to step back from taking responsibilities. You tend to be mature from an early age and are protective of your wife and children. In fact, you are confident and have a strong determination to succeed in life. Above that, you have all it takes to become the best at whatever you choose to do. You expect your wife to take a back seat in your marital life and allow you to take the lead. You are caring, faithful and very supportive of your wife. You try to bring charm and optimism to the table. Thus, this makes your marital life easy, fun, and exciting. You think of your home as a palace. You want to be adored, spoiled and treated like the king that you feel you are.

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All leadership qualities like attractive, attention-grabbing, impressive, confident, egoist and arrogant are inherent in you. You strongly build your powerful image in the minds of others by your bold voice, impressive pleasing personality, and attentive mind. You leave your remarkable footprints wherever you go. You will be the center of attention, no matter where you are going. You will date many men but marry the one who lives up to your standards. You will be careful that every little detail is set but you can afford a honeymoon in one of the most exotic places or romantic destinations. You put all your time and effort into making your marriage fulfilling. However, you encourage your spouse to follow your convictions and ambitions to the fullest. You will not submit yourself in marital life completely. You don’t like your husband to control you all the time. You crave freedom and loves to do things in your way and follow the rules and regulations decided by you.