Don’t we all want to get acquainted with what the future holds for us? Well, Janam Kundali as the name suggests is a chart that is prepared based on the specific date, time, and place of a person’s birth.   It is a known fact that Janam Kundali Analysis helps you unfold the meaning and purpose behind your name, date, time, and place of birth.   Janam Kundali is considered to be the structural blueprint of our life. According to Vedic astrology, every event – good or bad that happens in our life is somehow related to our Janam Kundali only.   By simply entering your birth details, you can know your Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navmasha Kundali, Planets in your Chart, Lucky points, Friendship Tables, Rahu, Ketu, etc. The chart will give you insights on what you should do and not do, the bond you have with your friends, and the future dynamics of your relationship with everyone.

All the goodies which you can get from our FREE Janam Kundali Analysis

You can understand yourself better and know your strengths, weakness, etc. to help you become a better person
Based on your Janam Kundali you can discover life predictions, favourable and unfavourable periods during the year.
You also come to know the various doshas forming in your Kundali due to change in planetary positions
Your Janam Kundali Analysis will help you predict your personal and professional life, business ventures, health, finances, investments
Detailed information about your personality traits, relationships, marriage, career, finances, and other aspects of life is also provided
The Janam Kundali Analysis showcases and warns you about the diseases and misfortunes that are likely to affect you in the future
Brief about the Gunas that are needed for a healthy and happy married life
The positions of planets and their impact on your life can also be known; on basis of that you can choose the most suitable career choice, one which is in sync with your personality, efforts, and intellect
Your Janam Kundali can outline the challenges, obstacles, opportunities, possibilities that are awaiting you, and how you can deal with them in your darkest times
It also provides you with remedies for all aspects of your life to decrease the depth of the problems
It can warn you about all the uncertain situations and health conditions that you are going to face in the future
It provides you with beneficial insights as to how smooth and difficult your life is going to be in the future

Janam Kundali: A Screenshot of Planetary Position

A specific astronomical pattern can be seen in the sky on that date, time, and place of birth of an individual. The model that is seen in the sky is recorded from a decided geographical point. The attestation of this pattern of planet-earth-sky at the time of birth is known as the Janam Kundali Chart. On the Janam Kundali, planets and their signs, house divisions, and ascendant or rising signs are mentioned.   A Kundali is your horoscope which is generated manually based on your zodiac sign. A Person’s Janam Kundali is useful in discovering incredible facts about the daily fate, past life, decision making, future predictions, career, love life, marriage, old age, health issues, etc. information that holds a lot of value in our lives.  

What exactly is Janam Kundali Analysis?

Janam Kundali Analysis is like knowing the adventures in your life; past, present, and future. You can get an insight into your personality traits, nature, the good and bad times, or even hardships. This helps an individual to adapt to the situation & act accordingly.   Janam Kundali Analysis shows the position of the planets at the time of your birth. This chart is used to interpret any celestial influence in your life. To generate accurate Janam Kundali Analysis, precise birth date, time, and place must be given – they are vital factors in Vedic Astrology to get in-depth analysis. Janam Kundali matching is also done to find the best marriage match, and therefore it is also known as Lagan Kundali.   The Janam Kundali Analysis also helps you find your lucky gemstone, lucky colours, and lucky numbers that aid your success and happiness in different areas of life. Apart from this, you can also understand the planetary transits in different signs over the day, month, and year with the help of your Janam Kundali. The positions of the planets in your Kundali manifest various possibilities. Thus, by looking at the Janam Kundali and the planetary view in it, an experienced astrologer can predict the future of an individual. Here, the principles of Vedic Astrology are used by the astrologer for revealing predictions.

Is Kundali reading true? Are you a believer?

As the saying goes, “Whatever happens, happens for good”, but that doesn’t stop us from assuming things or knowing future predictions. Some people solely depend on Astrological readings and believe in the outcomes. To give a solid answer, Yes, situations do go according to what is written in a native’s Janam Kundali. The results are the imminent events in the coming time, but this reading can be accurate if precise information is shared.

Steps to help you read a Kundali Chart

Not all of us can become certified astrologers overnight, but a basic understanding can help us to read our own Janam Kundali Analysis Chart, right?

1.The first step to read a Janam Kundali is to identify the ascendant sign of oneself. The number that is mentioned in the first house represents the rising or ascendant sign of an individual. The planets in one’s Kundali are denoted by numerals, i.e. 1 to 12 and houses by roman numbers, i.e. I to XII.  

2.The next step is to understand the houses and their significance. A person’s aspects of life can be signified in his/her Janam Kundali by looking at the 12 houses. This includes personality traits, interests, physical characteristics, and features. Therefore, any planet or sign that is positioned in a specific house influences its factors and provides results accordingly.  

3. At the time of your birth, the Janam Kundali is the photo that captures the position of planets and constellations and depicts it in the form of a chart. Hence, when learning to read a Kundali chart, one must understand the shortened form of planets and their significance in the chart.  

4. Lastly, you must figure out which planet is in advancement or exhilaration. In astrology, exhilaration is a state when the influence of a presumed planet in a particular sign dignifies, i.e. the natural harmony corresponds and the outcome tends are considered to be in your favour.

Doshas in the Kundali

“Dosha” in simple words means an error. According to Vedic Astrology, the Sanskrit-derived word is used when there are unfavourable and bad conditions in your Janam Kundali. This usually happens when the 12 planetary bodies are not in your favour and can cause problems for you.   Whether your horoscope brings you good fortune or affects your growth can be predicted by calculating the positions of destructive planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Saturn. The maximum Doshas are created because of planet Mars, it’s easy to figure out based on the devil-red colour. Mars has the power to create 100% dosha in one’s fate.  

There are broadly 6 types of Doshas in one’s Janam Kundali:
  • Manglik Dosha
  • Shrapit Dosha
  • Kaal Sarp Dosha
  • Nadi Dosha
  • Pitra Dosha
  • Kartika Janma Dosha

What is a good Kundali Matching Score for Marriage?

Kundali Score is known as the Guns/Gunas. Before tying the wedding knot, it is very important in Hinduism, to match the Kundalis. It is considered extremely auspicious to check if the Gunas of both individuals are right for each other. According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, Kundali has 8 Koota, in which there are 36 Gunas. The majority of the Astrologers use the 8 Koota Horoscope Matching System to check the compatibility of to-be-bride & to-be-groom for marriage. In Kundali matching, higher the harmony of 36 Gunas, higher the prospect of the partners having a happy married life. The best Kundali score for marriage is when all 36 Gunas of both individuals match. But that cannot be the case for all of us, right?   If the gunas are less than 18, the pair is not compatible with each other, and the marriage may fail. 18 to 24 is an average score, and the match is acceptable for weddings. 25 to 32 gunas, if matched, are considered to be very good, and their marriage will be a success. And people having a score of 33 to 36 can be said that their match was made in heaven.

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