Virgo Yearly Horoscope

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The beginning of the year may be a bit tricky. There may be some amount of uncertainty in your life. This is going to make a perfectionist like you very uncomfortable. Moon in a dual Sign Pisces and the Ruler of your Sign, Mercury, moving in retrograde mode, according to Ganesha, are the prime reasons for this uneasiness. Luckily, you will not have to go through this for long. From January 2nd week onwards, things will start to fall in place. As you gradually regain your rhythm, future plans will become the main area of your attention. Saturn posited in the 4th House is to make you aware of the ground realities. You will have a realistic picture of your strengths and limitations. You will take corrective steps in order to ensure successful completion of your plans. This may slow down your pace but Jupiter will ward off negatives and help you keep moving forward. As for your finances, the year ahead looks set to be promising - with a certain rise in your earnings. You have sufficient savings so you would want to make sound investments to make as much profit as possible during the course of time. Try to curtail wasteful expenditure.

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Virgo, much like its symbolism, is feminine, lady-like graceful and duty-bound. The 6th Sign of the Zodiac, Virgo is also a meticulous perfectionist. Most Virgo-born natives are sincere and caring to the fault – towards their families, friends and loved ones. However, they also tend to be worriers and naggers to some degree. Critical and exacting of most ideas, things and situations, Virgins or Virgos can be equally a joy as they can be a pain. This attribute of the Virgo make them slightly irritable and somewhat negative in their approach. Nonetheless, Virgo is an Earth Sign, and all the mother-earth like qualities and abilities are a part of these individuals’ persona.