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Virgo Wealth and Property Horoscope 2024

The year will remain good for investing in real estate, land or property. market. If you are planning to buy, you can initiate the investment this year. You would have good chance to make some money through such investment. The positive impact of Venus will begin to be felt gradually around the month of February and hence an investment that you make during this phase will start giving you good rewards as the year advances. This could be a good phase to invest in stocks with good fundamentals or also you can plan to invest in land this time around. But Mars might land you in troubles if you adopt short cuts for quick financial gains.

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You need to therefor keep medium to long term view in account. Also, the impact of North Node can be adverse for any investments particularly in land or property hence you must refrain from making any new investments or promise financial involvement around the month of April. You may have good chance to invest money thanks to Venus between May and July. South Node may bring some problems, but you will be good at negotiating some important deals. Also, this can be the ideal time to implement some corrective measures.

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Slowly and steadily, you will be able to empower your status. The period around August may bring encouraging results about some pending investment matters or deals. You can expect positive momentum this time around. The latter part of the year will bring good planetary support, and hence there will be ease if you want to invest money. But remember that one wrong decision may disturb your planning, particularly around the end of October. You may get many opportunities for investments around the month of November.

The ending part of this year will make you able to make good decisions, and your actions in the right direction will lead you to gain through investments. So there will be an enhancement in your wealth status around the year-end.

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