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Scorpio Love Horoscope 2024

In the beginning of this year, the complex energy of the South Node indicates that this is not the right time to propose or to express your feelings. Mars indicates that your love life and relationship may go through tests and trials this time around. Here you need to act with caution as your hasty or abrupt actions may create more confusion in your personal life. However, if you have recently started seeing someone, there will be opportunities for developing the relationship further during the month of February. If you are already in the relationship then time will need you to adjust to temperamental disturbances with your partner, indicates Mars. Keep a check on negative emotions of anger and ego as the impact of Mars may bring misunderstandings this time around.

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Around the middle of March, Jupiter may make you feel very positive about your life and relationship. Under the influence of Venus, you are likely to desire more love, romance and intimacy and you may enjoy some wonderful moments with your beloved ones. You and your beloved are likely to enjoy your fair share of love due to the blessings of Venus around the month of April. However, some personal problems seem to be creating a divide in your relationship due to the complex energy of South Node. So, you need to remain alert around the month of May. You may experience see-saw situations in your love life this time around.

The impact of North Node may lead to a bad temper resulting in small quarrels in your relationship around the month of June. The impact of South Node may make you feel a little low as far as your love life is concerned till the end of July. But from around the month of August, there will be plenty of occasions to enjoy quality time with your beloved due to the blessings of Venus. However, remember, whatever you say, act or react will leave a long-lasting effect on your beloved’s heart this time around. Do not worry, you will have ample support from Venus.

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The love is very much there. Your beloved may start getting attracted to you around the month of October. However, you need to keep patience as this may happen in a slow and gradual manner, suggests Saturn. Venus also calls for careful measures like tactfully handling relationship. The period around the month of November looks romantic phase owing to a favorably placed Venus facilitating love and relationship. If you are currently not involved with anyone, love and romance may come into your life as the year approaches its end, suggests the Venus.

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