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Social Media Posts – A Great Way to Understand Human Personality and Behaviour

Social Media Posts – A Great Way to Understand Human Personality and Behaviour

Zodiac signs are a great way to understand the basic traits and qualities of a person. They can predict a person’s behaviour to quite an extent. Psychologists these days are using social media platforms like the Instagram to understand the psychology of people. So, how often do you use social media? What kind of content do you post? Do you regularly post selfies, culinary art, i.e., pics of meals cooked or consumed, political remarks, and updates on your relationship status and whereabouts? Social media is also used to showcase one’s pride for one’s near and dear ones, particularly partner, spouse, or kids.

Every Instagram activity has a purpose. And that purpose can either be conscious or subconscious. Let’s take an example of selfies. Why do people post photos of themselves that have been modified and edited to remove any traces of reality? Obviously, the purpose here is to uplift their self-esteem. There can be many more purposes like seeking validation, especially when the self-esteem has taken a beating, or when one has always depended on external factors to be happy. Self-expression and communication are the reasons why people actively rely on social media.

Based on these purposes and activities, psychologists have found that extroverts and highly emotional individuals tend to post on social media the most. What do their posts say about their personality? Well, if it’s a post related to their partner, they are either insecure or wanting to show off to the world. Sharing one’s happiness with the world is normal, but only when it’s done occasionally. Here we are talking about people who want to portray something all the time.

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While posting regularly on Instagram is not a bad thing, it certainly throws some light on the persona of a person. Posting certain things directly reflects a person’s preferences, priorities, inadequacies, and expectations.

So, can you gauge a person through his or her social media feeds? You definitely can. It should not be taken as a know all, be all factor, but you can get an insight into a person for sure.

Instant gratification is another cause for constant social media updates. People with tendencies for instant gratification want their dose of fulfilment through likes and comments validating them and their updates or posts.

Want to know more about someone? Their personality traits? Social media usage are windows into their lives. So, the big question is – would you want to change your traits by changing your posts??

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