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February Festival Calendar 2024

Fondly called the month of love, February brings not one but two festivals that celebrate love. Valentine’s Day and Vasant Panchami. Valentine’s day, February the 14th. For everyone, it will bring something different. Think about it. For some, it is a day of love that they have been looking forward to since the year began. For some, every day is Valentine’s Day! Some would spend it with the memories of the past, while some are going to try their luck with their hearts beating fast. Whatever your Valentine’s Day 2023 may be about, it is important to know how it came into existence. Vasant Panchami, on the other hand, is the 5th day of the Magha month as per the Hindu calendar. The festival usually occurs between February and March every year, and with that, the beautiful spring season begins. In fact, the name Vasant literally means ‘Spring’ in English, whereas Panchami means the 5th day. This explains the occurrence of Vasant Panchami on this particular day.