Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (23rd November to 21st December)

This Month Mar 2017

You will be aware of your responsibilities, and shall work towards attaining your immediate goals, as the month begins. Love stars shine brightly, on 2nd and 3rd. Enjoy! Health needs care on 4th and 5th, though. So, don’t over indulge, says Ganesha. 6th will be all about personal matters. Married ones may remain unhappy. Instead of getting angry, sort this out maturely. Retrograding benefics may delay gains for businessmen and professionals. Keep communication channels alive, nonetheless. Make use of social media web networks. Onus of keeping your flock together shall lie on you. Spend time with your family and loved ones on 11th and 12th. Meeting someone new? Be careful, and go slow! 13th brings an opportunity. Do think about it. 14th and 15th may not be happy days at work, as you may hate someone’s constant nagging. Is it your boss? Keep your cool. Take time out for fun stuff and your hobbies. Visit an orphanage or a blind school. Spend time with someone who is less privileged. You will feel grateful for what you have, points Ganesha. Mars has shifted to Taurus – the 6th House from your Sign. This may make you prone to injuries. Trouble brews on the work front on 18th and 19th too. Be careful. Expenses may increase. And, you may take financial decisions, driven purely by the instinct. Don’t! Look for long-term prospects, while taking any decisions that may have far reaching effects. Ongoing influence of Mars pushes you to assert your view aggressively on 22nd and 23rd. Ganesha advises you not to be rigid like this! Devote time to your family responsibilities. For the sake of good health, you will have to avoid late nights and uneven lifestyle, even on the weekend, around 25th and 26th. Lady luck comes to your aide, in the month’s final days. Exalted Sun along with Mercury is poised to also help in you. Your personality will shine, and you will be your eloquent best. Good time to make client presentations. Meeting someone influential is likely. Sagittarius parents will be happy, due to their kids. Ones looking to become parents too shall be supported by stars.

Important dates
6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 23, 24, 28, 29

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More on Sagittarius

Sagittarius Overview (November 23 – December 21)

Sanskrit Name : Dhanusha | Meaning of Name : The Archer | Type : Fire-Mutable-Positive |
Lord : Jupiter : Violet, Purple, Red, Pink | Lucky Day : Thursday | Lucky Number : 3, 12, 21, 30 | Sagittarius Facts
Sagittarius is the 9th Sign of the Zodiac. Truth seekers, adventurers, lovers of travel (and their own selves), Sagittarius individuals are fun loving and a good company. Many of them are philosophic in bent, and their spirit of inquiry is practically relentless and endless. Restless, curious and always ready to explore, sometimes they may end up being too upfront and garrulous. Given their quest for truth and ultimate wisdom, most Sagittarius do not take things at their face value. They take their own sweet time to form their opinions, and would not hesitate in asking embarrassing questions. Candid as they are, in their attempt to know and see, they may end up asking/ saying unexpected things. Archers also exhibit a certain duality. Although, such keen investigators themselves, willing to go an extra mile to find, read, communicate, they themselves may resent the complex education system and formal training. They can be, fanatics yet atheists, and tactless yet serious! Subjects like philosophy, education, religion, mysticism, occult, medicine engross and attract Archers. No wonder, many Sagittarius-born make good inventors or discovers. Self confident, sometimes to the degree of being arrogant, high spirited, they also make good advisers, teachers and social bees. Many Archers also opt to work in the fields related to media and arts, as these areas allow the free birds to work in their ways. Sagittarius adore their freedom, and restrictions of any sort may irritate and frustrate them. And thus, in relationships, they require (and even demand) their own space. In love, they are cheerful and giving. In fact, the Sagittarius are their happiest in a new relationship. However, as the relationship progresses, the restless Archers may start resenting the sense of confinement and responsibility. Yet, they know and appreciate the importance of such bonds, and shall rarely attempt to break it.