Feb 2015

The planetary configurations from the very beginning of the week shall put you in a very positive frame of mind, and your spouse will love it. Ganesha foresees that you shall spend some quality time together, which shall in turn have a positive effect on your professional work. However, from Wednesday onwards, you may return to your usual self, being skeptic and finding fault with many things. Your better-half shall immediately sense this change in you, and shall become indifferent to your advances. Anyway, good thing is that your financial position may start improving remarkably with more money coming your way. Businessmen can also expect their turnover to increase, while freelancers may also have their hands full with work. You need to take good care of your health. The stars indicate a job change or rising work dissatisfaction for most Signs this week. What’s on your mind? Whatever, it may be, it shall pay to remain careful and measured, before you take a major decision like a job change. On the other hand, there’s no point in sticking to a job that doesn’t do anything for you any more…So, should you take the leap? Consult your Personal Stars – to get a reliable answer and solution, which will increase your happiness and satisfaction. Ask a Career QuestionOR get a 3 years Career Report…NOW!

Mar 2015

The first fortnight of the month may not be very profitable for businessmen, but you can certainly look forward to an improved turnover during the second fortnight. Professionals will be preoccupied with pending assignments and new responsibilities throughout the month. You may have to work long hours, maybe even on holidays, to achieve your targets. Your family may resent this, colleagues may not be too co-operative, and your relations with your boss may get strained, says Ganesha, and advises you to take things in your stride, remain optimistic. And, thankfully the stars will soon turn in your favour. The planetary positions indicate an uncertain and tricky time on the financial front this month, though. You may feel the pinch, as apart from foreseen expenses, there will also be unanticipated ones. Some respite might come in the form of a pending payment or return on your investments, but it may not be plenty. Try to save as much as possible; avoid lending money to anyone. And, take time to plan your finances with a long-term perspective. If you are bugged by a money related issue, you may also invest in personalised Astrology guidance, which will help you look at the picture from your Personal Stars’ perspective – Ask a Wealth Question (detailed advice).

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