Dec 2014

With the new Moon rising on the horizon and the Sun entering the experimental Aquarius, you shall enter a dramatic new phase in life, predicts Ganesha. You will abandon negativities, and surge ahead with optimism. You shall get many new opportunities. On Wednesday and Thursday your luck will peak. Businessmen can look forward to good times, especially if you are expanding operations. The outcome will encourage you to do better. Freelancers are also likely to bag profitable deals and hence will improve their financial position. With the ruler of your Sign in the 12th House from your Sign, minor health problems could bother you. Getting worried over trivial issues can result in mental stress, which, in turn, can affect your health adversely. Singles looking for the right time to propose need to wait patiently for a more opportune time. More importantly, you need to find out whether you are made for each other or not, which you can do by availing the thoroughly personalised product Soul mates or Not?, prepared by our astute astrologers basis your Natal Chart details.

Jan 2015

With the Moon positioned in Cancer, the seventh House from your Sign, you may remain temperamental and moody in your relationships, marriage and partnership issues. There may be some stress arising out of this on your domestic front. Also, ones involved in partnership businesses shall have a chance of getting into stronger associations and tie-ups. But, here too, a lot of care and control shall be needed. Back in the personal realm, the married couples may encounter several issues, which will need to be handled tactfully and with great care. However, if you have a special question on your mind that’s giving you sleepless nights, do invest your trust in Vedic Astrology’s sage guidance. Ask Any Question answer to which shall be given basis your Natal Chart, by an expert astrologer, after looking at your Birth Horoscope. Professionals, around this time, shall witness tough times at their work places, and this shall be precisely due to the influence of Rahu and Ketu in the Houses related to such areas. During the second week of January, Mars will enter Pisces in the third House from your Sign to aspect Rahu. This planetary movement may make things worse for you. At the work front, even at the slightest of provocation, you shall be inclined to take up a fight with your seniors, superiors or subordinates. You may feel let down and disillusioned. For your own benefit and growth, you should change your behaviour, and thereby just focus on improving your work, advises Ganesha. Let your work speak on your behalf!

Feb 2015

Personal issues are likely to take centre-stage. You may have some serious differences with your spouse, and also with other members of your family, which are likely to keep you disturbed in the initial stages of this month. But, Ganesha feels that this stress may ease in the first week itself, as the planetary shifts will have a soothing effect on you. You will also realise that there is no point in getting worked up over issues that have no immediate solution, and then you will start focusing on more important matters. Your rapport with your bosses may not be very good and you may have many disputes. But don’t get into any direct confrontation or ego clashes with your seniors as it could ruin your hard-earned reputation. If you stay cool-headed, though, there will be no problems. But you will not have a smooth ride on the financial front. So avoid all unnecessary expenses. To know about how to improve your financial prospects, check out the service Wealth Ask a Question Detailed, which is thoroughly personalised as per the details of your Natal Chart.

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