Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (22nd December to 20th January)

This Month Feb 2016

The planets may pull you in different directions, as the month opens. While Mercury and Venus transiting through your Sign seem supportive, Saturn appears unfavourable. Businessmen and professionals who manage overseas dealings stand to gain, though. But, the ones in jobs will be under pressure to improve their performance. Thankfully, as aforementioned, the presence of Venus and Mercury in your Sign may come to your aid, says Ganesha. You will get strength to work hard and make your immediate bosses happy. The second week of the month starts with a new Moon emerging in Aquarius. You may feel a tug between your traditional self and a modern, new-age style of living. Both Sun and Moon are impacted by the wily Saturn and aggressive Mars. Businessmen shall now need to be careful in their financial transactions, and must refrain from extending unsecured credit. The married folks shall be in for a pleasant surprise this month, as they may see their spouses being extremely loving and attentive. Singles too may have a gala time with their sweetheart, especially around 15th. Enjoy till it lasts, says Ganesha. Further, time during mid-month can be expected to bring in plenty of progressive opportunities and options. Here, it will be more bonding over intellectual matters than physical intimacy. With Venus transiting through your sign, it is a good time to get organized. Business will pick up. Use this phase to woo customers with attractive schemes. Professionals will run into long term projects. An intelligent move will win appreciation from worthy customers. Be careful about receivables and money matters in general, cautions Ganesha. At the end of the month, the sway of Saturn and Mars will lead to unexpected expenses. Plan for emergencies, keeping a long term perspective. Strong Mars will be transiting through the 11th House (connected with relationships) from your Sign. This is a signal for you to be careful of unprincipled friends, who may be addicts/ alcoholics. Do not hang out with them and squander away your time, urges Ganesha. Those already in a love relationship may remain restless all through the month. You may even plan to take a major step, in order to take your relationship to the next level. Calculate the odds! Also, take care of your health and well-being, as there is a chance of your getting hurt or exhausted.

Important Dates
5, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23

Tips : Well positioned Venus and Mercury shall allow you growth opportunities and encouraging monetary gains. Tap it in! However, the results that you have been waiting for may take their time in manifesting. So keep your patience levels in good order. Do not lose hope or your cool, especially in matters of heart and work. Give time to your vital relationships. There may be conflicts, but you will see through. Choose your friends wisely; wrong ones may spoil your mental peace. Exercise care in spending money. Health calls for attention in month’s 2nd fortnight.