Virgo Romance

Virgo Romance

Virgo Romance

DeclarationI gift the world with selfless service to others

Key phraseI analyze

Lessons to give in lovePurity and meticulousness. That love is sacred, virginal and pure, and ought to be treated with respect.

Lessons to learn in lovePassion and warmth. Ability to appreciate the fact that love is much more than plastic purity or pure analysis.

Virgo Love Personality

Virgos can get easily attracted by love and compassion. You tend to analyze the pros and cons of love before indulging in it. Hence, you go at a slow pace and take time to fall in love. You find it challenging to express your own deep feelings of love and romance. You will not prefer to enter a relationship half-heartedly. For you, falling in love can be challenging. You are choosy and have high standards involved in a relationship. Being a perfectionist, you expect the same from your partner as well. Hence, it is challenging to find someone who can match your standards and criteria. You need to keep your expectations realistic and may need to give people a tad more leeway. Your analytical skills have a way of sizing people up. Your eyes start squinting as you assess the people around you. Your soulmate still has to pass along, practical checklist. You are are hygiene freaks and expect your partner to be clean, loyal, respectful, and smart.

You keep noticing every detail and can’t tolerate the person who is imperfect or doesn’t fall in your criteria. When it comes to love and romance, you have an old-fashioned streak. Your romantic notions always remain simplistically sweet. Being an introvert, shy, and bookish, you are a bit reluctant to spill your secrets. You are self-critical and hence, may dump all your baggage of flaws right away onto your partner. You are very reluctant in sharing your feelings and opening up with others. So you prefer to listen while communicating with others. You are a conservative lover and decide to be in a relationship with your mate only after the approval of your family. You are a very practical person though at times you are sentimental. Hence, you choose your partner with your head before you do with your heart. In love and romance, you aim for mutuality and respect, a true balance of giving and taking.

When Virgo Man and Woman in Love

It is not easy to spot the signs of a Virgo man and woman in love. You are quite shy, conservative, and reserved, hence, others find it difficult to gauge your inner emotions. But once you are in love and are serious about your partner, then you will do all possible things to make your partner feel cherished and wanted. You may even call your partner at regular intervals. You will make your partner feel secure and will show a keen interest in everything they do. Also, you will pay keen attention to every minute detail of your partner. Once you make a commitment, you will be loyal to them for life and expect the same from them. You will openly share all the secrets with them. You may not be the one to show off, come up with fancy words and fake things. You are real, genuine, and honest about everything that is important for your strong bond. You can go beyond limits just to keep your partner happy.

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