Moon in Scorpio

Moon Sign Scorpio - The Moon in Scorpio

Moon Sign Traits
With the moon in Scorpio, individuals are emotionally intense with an aura of mystery constantly surrounding them. They own the characteristic of deciphering the emotional state of anyone and possess the capability to look through anyone’s emotions and feelings. Due to this quality, others consider them as enigmatic people who manage to achieve such a feat accurately constantly. They have a continued requirement for change and excitement. They normally wish for excitement and continued drama in their lives and thrive on emotional drama. Scorpio-born go out in securing their relationships, and they certainly don’t believe in half measures. They never waste their time in meaningless relationships as they long for total commitment from their partners. With the moon in Scorpio, individuals have a dynamic and attractive personality and their entire character is filled with mystery which often draws others to them. They possess a gift of intuition, and strive extremely hard to control their intense emotions. However, for their own gains, they tend to use this gift of intuition. In the occult and the unusual, these individuals tend to have a strong interest. By their very nature, they are amazingly creative beings. Overall, these individuals are charismatic in nature and attract one and all with their mysterious aura. Attitude wise, the Scorpio-born is non conformist individual, and aren't bothered to adhere to the norms set by the society. 
Positive Qualities
With the moon in Scorpio, individuals possess the knack of reading accurately the emotional state and feelings of others. They strive to reinvent themselves quite often. They tend to be extremely loyal and protective, once they have committed themselves to their partner. Scorpio-born owns a pleasing and dynamic personality that is covered by an aura of mystery. Due to this, they are well liked by the members of the opposite sex, and they constantly seem to ooze sensuality and charm in their persona. Additionally, they own a great power of intuitive ability. With the moon in Scorpio, these individuals are extremely passionate and brave. In a weird way and within a short time frame, these individuals can assess a person or a situation. As they often have a mastery over reading the intricacies of human mind, analysis done by them is always accurate. These individuals nurture a high degree of ambition in them and usually they are smart enough. In the pursuit of acquiring their aspirations, they work inexhaustibly. In other words, through their persistent determination and stubbornness, they will obtain their set goals. They will not accept defeat easily as they have an awesome fighting spirit. Moreover, you can buy Your Horoscope Analysis report based on your Natal Chart, to learn about your strengths as well as weaknesses, and accordingly plan your future.

Negative Qualities
With the moon in Scorpio, individuals are normally very secretive in nature. In relationship matters, these individuals possess a deep fear of treachery, which may lead them to test their partners often, even when they don’t mean it. As they never trust others, they don't reveal their most innermost feelings. They often come across as intimidating to others because of their intense emotional nature and a secretive personality. On top of it, these individuals can be quite possessive, self-indulgent and jealous. Often, in their relationships with others, qualities like jealousy and possessiveness can act as a spoiler. Both to themselves and others, they could be destructive. Their persistent determination often borders on stubbornness, and this stubborn nature of theirs can act as a hindrance to obtain success. Criticism is not taken in a positive way by these individuals, and they strike back with a deadly sting if they get hurt because of it. Moreover, we recommend you to avail Ask a Relationship Question for Detailed advice, which will be based on your personal Horoscope, prepared by an astute astrologer. Further, you might also be interested to read about Scorpio Nature.


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