Libra Nature

Libra Nature

The most prominent quality of a Libra native is a sense of balance in everything they do. Since they belong to this 7th Sign of the Zodiac, aptly called the Scales, their consciousness is also pervaded by ideas about how to balance everything around them, whether it is at home or at their work-place. What they seek is to maintain harmony between opposing parties. They are also very level-headed and therefore are much sought after for practical solutions. And, because they are so energetic, they are also very alert and agile, but since they exert themselves so much, they tend to run out of steam easily. They are prone to bouts of moodiness. Sometimes they come across as being very positive, helpful, joyful and friendly; however, at other times there will be an unmistakable dark aura surrounding their heads, and at such times they can be utterly negative and extremely insensitive to the pains of others. Although they are endowed with enough potential to make the best for themselves where they are situated, they often tend to lose focus by exploring around for other opportunities. In a nutshell, they are an intelligent and fun person to be around with. Naturally, they make great hosts and hostesses. To know more about yourself, get Kundli Online Free – it is absolutely personalised!
Libra Key Planet: Venus
Libra Sign's key planet is Venus, which is all about love and desire. However, as often misunderstood, it is not invariably all about romance, beauty and physical love or lust. It is also symbolic of ideal love. When the Libra natives see a beautiful painting or any other work or art and appreciates it, they can be sure it is the influence being exerted by Venus. Deep inside, it is about their perception of beauty as being the ideal. For an in-depth analysis of your romantic prospects, try the Birth Chart based customised service Romance Potential Reading.
Seventh House: Partners
The 7th House symbolises the partner. However, it is not necessarily your spouse that is indicated by it. It could very well be a business partner, a spouse or any other type of relationship that you may be involved in. In most cases, it is indicative of how well or how badly you interact with people around you in any given situation. For tips on how to improve your rapport with everyone around you, Talk to an Astrologer now!
Libra Element: Air
Since Air is your Element, you are also unpredictable as its in your actions. You can be highly active one moment and become completely inactive the next minute. You are not just great thinkers, you are very good with languages, often being multi-lingual, and people enjoy your company. You have a sharp analytical mind, and can come up with solutions that nobody would ever have thought about.
Libra Strength:
You are intelligent and honest. You have the ability to tackle challenging tasks with a balanced mind, and are much sought after to mediate between warring factions. Being diplomatic, graceful, charming, peace loving and idealistic are your other strengths.
Libra Weakness:
Your most prominent drawback is that you can take up fights with people just to prove that you are right. Also you sometimes tend to retreat rather than confront a situation with courage. Being shallow, fatalistic, irresolute and unreliable are some of your other negative points. To overcome these weaknesses, you might like to try our product Personal Ask Any Question, which is based on your Birth Chart and hence, 100 percent personalised. You might also be interested to know about Libra Traits.    

Libra Habits
The Libra-born love to have the best of everything, and will spend all their money to buy the things they want. They may be able to manage their finances well as long as the going is good, but they may be in trouble in emergencies. They need to learn not to indulge too much in luxuries and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Some of them, even when they are saving enough money, can go on complaining about not earning enough.



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