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Moon In Leo

Moon In Leo

Masculine, hot, dry, fiery, and barren

The Sun

I am

Heart and upper back

You are generous, proud, loyal and an adventurer at heart. You maintain relationships wholeheartedly and your sense of self is bound up in who you run with. Get insights of the timeline to enter into relationships by asking personalized questions to our experts.. You are extremely optimistic and can never look on the bleak side of life. You have a caring and generous heart and positively support when your close ones get tossed about by the twists and turns of life. All problems can be overcome with your encouraging words and can-do attitude. Hence, you have earned a reputation for being a cheerleader among your friends. At times, you get dramatic in your emotional displays when you feel diverted. You show a sense of drama early on. You are very possessive about your image. Hence, you prefer to be dignified and refrain from splashy scenes outside your comfort zones. You tend to show emotional drama at home but hide this side outside. Your emotional drama may not last for a long time. However, you are very popular among people due to your integrity and a strong sense of justice. You demand respect and your confidence take a terrible tumble, if you are taken for granted, or worse, betrayed. Above this, you demand attention from loved ones and people in our circle. You are fiery and passionate about your feelings. Many of you are highly creative. There is an intense need to shine out and release energy, often by using creative self-expression as an outlet. You don’t take your relationships casually or for granted. In fact, you put your heart and soul into the relationships when you really love someone.

Leos are very generous with their friends and loved ones. You are naturally gifted with leadership qualities, which initiate you to take care of others and support them materially, emotionally and with your whole heart. No wonder, you are very kind, sincere and can truly empathize with more disadvantaged individuals. The inheritance of features like being idealistic and spiritualism will make you do anything to see a smile on the face of others. Above this, you also have the ability to sincerely forgive others. You love to be the center of any group and society and most often standing out among others. Also, you enjoy helping and leading others with advice, support, and money. You are loyal and reliable in your personal relationships. What else will help you keep your relationship strong? Get remedial solution online! You are highly intuitive and know what to say and how to behave in order to raise sympathy from others. In addition to this, you are honest and dignified. Hence, people are impressed and feel charmed by you. You are pleasant, warm and know how to keep emotions under control in critical situations. You are sincere, open and sociable. In fact, you very well know how to please others. The energy of optimism imbibed in you makes others feel fantastic, happily aroused, and have a better atmosphere and positive experience around them. You will invent some interesting amusement in order to become the center of attention. People will never feel bored in your company.

Your outstanding leadership qualities can be over-exaggerated by trying to show one’s expertise and proficient knowledge everywhere. It may act as a suppressive force on others. You urge to be the center of attention and expect others to follow you. When you are not able to get attention or someone does not act as per your willingness, you artificially create situations. You also tend to get melodramatic and stomp off to sulk during these situations. But you won’t do in the view of the public. For you, your image and reputation are very important and will not do anything that affects it adversely. According to their point of view, you are the entertainers and artists of the live scene, and others should be the admiring public. Hence, it is often hard for you to be attentive and empathic about other people’s situations and worries. At times, you show off and over-dramatizes some life situations only to shine and impress others.

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