Leo Facts

Leo Facts

Interesting facts of Leo

Leo Facts: Powerful, royalty, wisdom, intelligent, wild at times, loyal, savage, headstrong, enthusiastic, independent, rebellious, visionary, spontaneous, stubborn, clever, adventurous
Leo Problem: You get sentimental over the smallest things at times. You can’t stand watching someone do something when you know how to do it in a better way.
Leo when pissed off: You get irritated when you constantly have to fight for someone’s attention. You prefer to be alone and don’t care what you say or talk when irritated or pissed off.
Things Leo hate: You hate for being taken for granted, though you probably won’t show it. You don’t like forced interactions, conversations, and friendship
Things Leo do when hurt or upset: You will shut down completely and become heartless. You will make sure that others know about it or not. 
Things Leo like: You like to continue courting, dating, gifts, and romance forever. You love to be different and remember every keen detail. You always like to help people even if they have little to give. 
Leos at their lowest points: You are short-tempered and needy at your lowest points.
First thing that comes in Leo mind: Follow me
How to catch Leo attention: You get inspired when someone is alluring and fun.
Perfect gift for Leo: The perfect gift for you is a status symbol item or a family-related collection such as a keepsake album.
Leo motto: Love me or leave me alone, go hard or go home

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