Gemini Career

Gemini Career

The Gemini (also known as the Twins), are very chatty (talkative). They just love to communicate, mingle with different people and explore various places. They like to journey a lot and so they are always ready to move when something interesting pop-up. They dislike to be in a leadership position, or in a career that forces them to remain in the same place most of the time, since many of them, by nature, are foot-loose and fancy free. Their preferred activities are to combine people having mutual interests, to function as a mediator or to be of some help to others. Gemini are born with the gift of speech and so they are the best communicators. Get a FREE KUNDLI for a deeper insight into your personality. 

Gemini represents the Air Sign, which means Twin natives are curious, sociable and mentally sharp. All occupations that stir their intellect and provide the possibility of communicating will be perfectly suitable for them. They certainly look for variety, change, travel and the exchange of ideas. They have the ability to do multi-tasking. However, they need to learn to be consistent, patient and to control their speedy thought process. To overcome the negativities in your personality, try the fully personalised Birth Chart based service Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues.

The Gemini-born is indeed very curious and always looking for more information. Their youthful and jovial attitude facilitates them to effortlessly get on the same wavelength with others. They may be a bit immature and naive in their judgements, which many times could lead to entanglements in problems or into complicated situations. However, they generally turn out of the tight situations with the help of their quick wit and original ideas. But if you are facing some persistent relationship problems, check out the fully customised Natal Chart based service Relationships Ask a Question Detailed

Some of the traits that Gemini owns can adversely impact their careers that are classified as: impatience, anxiety and nervousness, which sometimes makes them restless or short-tempered and don’t allow them to successfully finish their projects. They need to learn to be more diligent, and not to get tempted by the ideas and opinions of others. They should avoid talking too much about their tasks and let their actions speak more than their words. They should also avoid getting deeply involved in chitchatting. Their office is likely to be filled with all kinds of phones, computers, fax machines, and various other gadgets. The purpose of their life is to bring people closer, spread information, sponsor businesses, to create solutions, and to teach – so, any career which calls for these qualities would perfectly suit them. You might also want to read about Gemini Romance.


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