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Virgo Man and Cancer Woman: Nature of Bonding

The Virgo man-Cancer woman compatibility is an unusual one where there are instances of them being as attached in one way and as detached in the other, making it a bit of a complex situation for both of them.

The male with 6th zodiac sign is ruled by the planet of Mercury, also known as the Messenger of Gods, and it represents communication in the day to day life, involving expression of one’s ideas, thoughts and opinions. This often makes them a bit more expressive.

The female Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself, which signifies one’s true self, their emotions and aspects related to their unconscious mind.

The nature of virgo man is sensible and practical who does not seek attention. He usually likes to spend time in solitary, are sensitive and also warm-hearted.

The female Cancer is someone who is compassionate, caring and empathetic in nature. They are quite strong emotionally and loyal to their partners.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman: The Love Affair

There is a unique and a beautiful connection between this Virgo male-Cancer female association. There are a lot of emotions involved in the relationship between them, often mixed ones.

The male Virgo is charmed by the beauty and the affection of the female Cancer. He instantly falls for her in the beginning and is enamoured by her presence.

The female Cancer also finds him charismatic, attractive and tries to understand his mindset as she gently walks beside him and tries her best to help him fulfill his dreams and desires.

The Virgo man compatibility with Cancer woman is such, that they may love each other and be involved deeply in the morning and may have a quarrel over petty matters at night, such is the complexity.

The Virgo man finds it very calm and soothing when he is with her, who often expresses her love through her moonlit eyes. It allows him to feel and sense the love between them, making him realise of all the unworthy things that have occured between them and disposing it, to experience a new wave of affection.

They like spending quality time together as well, be it in any festival or, in a good atmosphere where they want to go for a walk together.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman: Level of Understanding

Both the Virgo man and Cancer woman try their best to comprehend with one another. But because of their particular traits in them, there builds a gap in their relationship.

At times, when she is not in a good mood or becomes eccentric in her behaviour, the male Virgo becomes more censorious. This can be settled if they spend some time alone in the woods and experience serenity, to come out of it.

Her frequent changes in the mood also affects the Virgo man, who thinks a lot.

The male Virgo also tries to support her, by being with her when she needs him the most, in the most challenging times and hold her tight.

They also share a great physical relationship together, where they both involve themselves passionately in the act of making love when neither of them are troubled inside and loose themselves to one another.

This will make the compatibility of Virgo man and Cancer woman outreach their expectations.

He may find it troublesome to be intimately involved when he is struggling with his worries, or when she experiences mood changes and becomes over emotional which he may not appreciate. Otherwise, they are quite a satisfied couple as far as sharing intimacy is concerned.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman: Benefits and Challenges

Both the Virgo and Cancer have a potential to live a happy and a content life together, if he deals with his fears and if she tries not to be moody at times, they are sure to experience some compatibility.

The Virgo man often is such, that inspite of being deeply in love with her, he may fear getting offcially into a relationship, like associating himself in an institution of marriage which he is usually confused about getting into.

The female Cancer gives in to the changes in her moods and emotions which she should try take control of, to sustain a better alliance with her partner.

She also should give him the freedom and space to explore himself, as he often tends to stay alone in solitary. He in turn should take care of her when she is upset emotionally and try to soothe her by spending time together.

There is a lof of love, warmth and affection involved between this duo and if they do take care of certain things in the relationship, the Virgo man and Cancer woman love compatibility will find find its peak, if they give their best to each other.

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