GEMINI, check out the kind of equations you share with people of other Zodiac Signs.

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What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Gemini?

The Gemini native has a versatile nature, if sometimes a bit fickle, according the Gemini horoscope compatibility findings. Always good communicators, flexible and with a hard-to-satisfy curiosity to learn new things, the Gemini native is also full of energy, witty and great fun to be around with. However, the Gemini compatibility indicates that they can be lacking in focus when most needed, become prone to nervousness, and take flight half-way through a job.

Gemini Natives Are Most Compatible With: Libra, Aquarius, Aries

Gemini zodiac compatibility studies suggest that Libra is one sign with which The Twins can get along very well. The two signs gemini and libra share many traits, such as love for intellectual discussions, socialising, as also their love for art, culture and fun. Since they understand each other so well, as per the Gemini love compatibility, it is very easy for them to physically arouse each other, and their session in the bedroom is likely to be a rough and tumble one rather than a stereotyped one.

The Gemini best compatibility suggests that Aquarius is another sign with which Gemini grades up very well. This is a pair that can throw up many pleasant surprises as both thrive on fun and change. Aquarius and Gemini sun signs will share not only a great friendship but also great chemistry, so their relationship, in or out of bed, is likely to last the test of time, as per the Gemini compatibility astrology.

Yet another zodiac sign with which Gemini natives are likely to be very compatible is Aries, as per Gemini compatibility horoscope. Both have a deep love of higher learning and will complement each other. When it comes to love-making, the immense energy of the Twins and the leadership skills of the Aries sun sign are bound to make for a most thrilling time between the sheets, considering Gemini compatibility.

Gemini Natives Are Least Compatible With: Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio

Pisces is one sign of the zodiac that the Gemini native is always at odds with. Gemini compatibility charts show that they are altogether too fun-loving and extroverted for the ever-brooding Pisces native. Besides, the Gemini native is too careless and fickle, which is totally incongruent with the fact that the Pisces native is extremely touchy. It's a very remote possibility that the two will ever share the same bed, according to Gemini Pisces compatibility.

Virgo is another sign that differs a lot from the Gemini, especially from the mental standpoint. They see the meticulous approach of the Virgo native as very boring and tedious, while the Virgo native will be turned off by the Gemini’s fickleness, as per Gemini compatibility charts. And when the Virgo starts shooting off a critical treatise on love-making, the Gemini native sees no alternative but to take flight.

Another challenging sign for Gemini natives is Scorpio, according to Gemini compatibility. The Scorpio natives' tendency to be selfish and their love for privacy runs contrary to the Gemini natives' need to focus its energies outward. Besides, Gemini compatibility with scorpio indicates that their attitude can never gel with the resolute intensity of the Scorpio native, and it is hardly likely that they will ever find themselves together between the sheets.

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