Aries Health

ARIES Health

The Rams have great energy, strength and stamina. They, however, are susceptible to disorders of the head, stomach and kidneys. They need to take extra care of these parts of their bodies, or they can develop disorders like migraine, indigestion or kidney stones. These can be caused by too much work pressure or an unhealthy diet. In spite of their tendency to get involved in accidents and all sorts of mishaps due to their intense activity, they are very tough.

Possible health concerns

The Aries are usually vigorous and possess a strong constitution. They also have incredible powers of recovery. However, their energy levels sometimes fluctuate widely and so do their moods, and hence they should be careful. Fitness conscious they are, they still need to take care of their diet. Coffee, sugar and intoxicants are best avoided, as these substances tend to stress them out.

Food for Aries

As they belong to the Fire element, the Rams should avoid spicy foods to keep acidity at bay. Foods that support their livers and kidneys are good for them. These would include beans, brown rice, lentils, olives, cucumber, spinach, figs, apricot, pumpkins and bananas. They also require dairy products for the calcium content. Invest in a juicer or blender to juice veggies and make smoothies that are quick and nutritious. Get our service Personal Ask 3 Questions for detailed prospects. This report will be Birth Chart-based, and hence 100 percent customised.

Aries Physical Structure

The Rams have h5, sharp features, with a prominent chin, nose and mouth with a full upper lip. They have wide-set eyes with high eyebrows. Their speaking tone can be brash. They are quick on their feet, but their movements are far from graceful. They have an average height, and their complexion is tanned and rugged. Their appearance can be jarring. The look is usually gaudy or eccentric, quite often sportive, energetic and unrefined. Red colours are frequent. Indeed, the Rams do not belong to the discreet type! If that is an issue or an Aries loved one is facing – we suggest you get Remedial Solutions for Wealth– a personalised, Horoscope based reading, which will give practical remedies only basis the person’s Birth Chart.

Aries Beauty

The colour that suits the Ram best is red because it matches their spirited personality. Using this colour in their make-up as well as in their outfits enhances their characteristics. They have prominent cheekbones, and look very attractive with earrings and hats of any design. Come what may, they always look good. Whether it is a last minute purchase or a carefully chosen dress, it will look great on an Aries. The same thing may look ordinary on anyone else, but an Aries can make it look really fashionable.


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