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Have Online Therapists Begun Prescribing Medications?

No, online therapists or counselors are not allowed to prescribe medication to their clients. Be it TalkSpace, GaneshaSpeaks or any other online therapy platform, they don’t prescribe medication abiding by the ethics and rules of the psychology handbook.

However, if your situation seems risky or you appear to be in a need of medication, then the online therapist can send you the way of a clinical psychiatrist with license and authority to prescribe medication to the clients.

Ganeshaspeaks.com had done the same for a friend of mine a few months back. On my suggestion, my friend had taken a few sessions on their platform. She seemed anxious and always depressed to me. I had not seen her in a long time and I could tell how much she had changed as a person. Gone was the happy and carefree girl I knew. She was going through a divorce and her family members wanted her to make it work. All the emotional blackmail, trauma was getting to her. So, on my suggestion, she did take a few sessions with the therapists of GaneshaSpeaks but after some time she told me that they had advised her to contact a clinical psychiatrist as she might need medication to deal with her anxiety and depression. She was given the contact details and the therapist even helped her get a call session first with the psychiatrist to curb her fears.

Ganeshaspeaks gives you the option to have a call or chat session with any therapist you want. In that way, you can seek help whenever you are facing a crisis or are in great mental distress. They can help you relax, make you deal with the crisis efficiently and in case you require medication they can help you get a good clinical psychiatrist.

They do not claim to magically make all your worries go away and are professional enough to execute their duties diligently by letting you know if you need someone else’s help or not. Some people for the sake of money do keep telling you that you will get better, you don’t need medication or something but in psychological issues, there are always chances and risks of being wrongly diagnosed. Ganeshaspeaks therapists help you give a prognosis and in case, your situation seems worse they will definitely tell you to seek a practicing clinical psychiatrist.

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