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Francois du Plessis Captain (Royal Challengers Bangaluru)

The former captain of the Royal Challengers Bangaluru, Virat Kohli, made the announcement on March 12, 2022, that he would be handing over the captaincy to Faf du Plessis, who will take over as the team’s new captain. With Faf du Plessis representing the RCB in the 2022 league, it will be a completely new setup with different team colours. At the IPL 2022 Mega Auction, the RCB paid INR 7 crore to get the experienced South African hitter. 

Since the beginning of his IPL career, Faf du Plessis has been a player for CSK. The right-handed hitter won Player of the Match for the 2021 league finals after making 86 runs off 59 balls, a crucial stroke in the competition. Punjab Kings paid INR 1.6cr for Faf in 2018, but CSK outbid them by using their RTM card, therefore, it was undoubtedly a good deal for them. 

Du Plessis was selected for the RPS team in the IPL player draft, but he did not see much action there. Instead, he played consistently for Chennai Super Kings, where he went on to have a very successful newcomer season with 398 runs scored. After making a half-century against India in his first ODI, he quickly gained a spot in South Africa’s World Cup team for 2011.

As a limited-overs specialist, du Plessis has abandoned the label after scoring a century on his Test debut against Australia. Even if batting is still his strongest suit, du Plessis can also produce some effective leg-spinners when needed. He is also a livewire in the field, which makes him the ideal T20 player for any skipper.

Will Faf du Plessis, the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangaluru team, be able to lead his team to victory in the 17th season of the Indian Premier League?

Faf Du Plessis Horoscope Astrological Analysis

Name: Francois du Plessis

Date of Birth: 13 July 1984

Sun sign: Gemini

Life Path: 6

Place: Pretoria, South Africa

Faf du Plessis, with a Gemini Sun and Libra Saturn and Mars, might find himself somewhat overshadowed by his team’s performances in IPL 2024. While he can lead the team well, there’s a risk that his reliance on key players could backfire in some matches, affecting the team’s overall results. Despite this, his performance is expected to be above average both as a player and a captain.

His leadership skills could steer the team in the right direction, showcasing his strategic thinking and ability to handle pressure. Despite occasional setbacks, his experience and skills could prove instrumental in guiding the team to the later stages of the tournament, enhancing his reputation as a reliable player and leader.