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Cancer Horoscope 2023


The year 2023 in Brief for Cancer Natives

This year, your health, finance, relationship with your in-laws, and the happiness you get from your job are going to undergo some changes and also require priority. A Saturn transit can ask you to meditate and warn you about overthinking because it is going to affect your health and ability to make decisions. Stress and negative influence in the surrounding can adversely affect the quality and result of your work, so you need to pay attention to your work management, as well as to your subconscious thoughts, which can become distorted if you face hurdles and delays to achieve your goals.

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Work & Career will need Priority

During the first quarter of this year, Jupiter will be in transit with Rahu, which can cause confusion, workload, and delays, requiring proper analysis, verification, and revision before executing. In terms of relationships, avoid any third-party suggestions. You may succeed if you put in the effort and keep a positive attitude. Sleeping comfort can be affected by Mars in the beginning. Mars, however, can provide you with direct access to good clients and international connections, which will help you.

Those of you in the spiritual and religious fields can get a good scope in a foreign country and also on the digital platform. There might be an inclination for some of you to learn yoga, martial arts, and meditation. Rahu and Ketu may bring changes in your career and also in your place of residence. Some of you might get the expected result when you buy your flat and home. From the second quarter onward, Saturn will make things according to your plan, but patience is required.

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Is Love in the Air?

The first quarter is not going to be favorable for love and relationship due to workload and negative thoughts. We advise you not to blame your partner for his/her mistakes and to spend quality time together without arguing. During Mars’ movement in the first quarter, over-expectation and demanding behavior can lead to relationship problems. It can be a challenge and a delay to get results when you are dealing with divorce-related issues. In marriage and love, Rahu and Ketu can cause aggression and detachment. You should give your spouse some space during this quarter so that he/she can think about his/her career and personal growth. Some of you may encounter uncertain channelings due to your in-laws, so it would be helpful to maintain distance in order to avoid arguments. Jupiter and Saturn can contribute to progress in marital and love relationships in the second quarter. Some of you might get a relationship proposal from your friends.

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Cancer Horoscope 2023 – Smooth Flow of Career

Basis the result of Saturn’s movement and the transit of Mars during the year wholesale businesses may get delayed and extra expenses may occur. Before taking on a new project, Saturn’s transit may demand analysis and verification. Mercury will affect your confidence in the second quarter, so you might feel negative and unable to make any major decisions. Both at work and in business, Mars’ movement in the second quarter suggests you keep a polite and humble attitude. You might not get the deserved rank or promotion because the planets want you to put more effort in and learn new skills and techniques to improve your performance and get a higher rank next quarter. You may receive support from your boss through Jupiter’s blessings, but due to the impact of Rahu and Ketu, it is advised that you should not divulge your plans to everyone at work before execution unless you have been asked to do so.

It is likely that Saturn and Jupiter will give you success in the new job, give you promotion and financial gains in business but in the meantime, you should not take a step back from hard work and persistence. Because of your ignorance, some of you might face health issues and teeth-related issues can be present because of Saturn’s placement. Rahu-Ketu and Jupiter indicate that the elderly should avoid heavy or rich oily foods. Mercury and Venus can bring satisfaction in writing-related careers as well as in relationships at the end of the second quarter.

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