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What Surprises This Year Is Bringing For Chris Hemsworth?

What Surprises This Year Is Bringing For Chris Hemsworth?

The one and only Chris Hemsworth is one of those prominent personalities you can’t decide whether you want to laugh or you want to chill out. Chris Hemsworth, who is going to turn 39 on Aug 11, is well known worldwide for starring in the God of Thunder, Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which he has clearly proven that he brings skills, comedy, and amazing figure to the screen. 

Chris Hemsworth – a heart of gold, is not only famous for his blockbuster films and work out but he still finds time for his family and children. Is there anything that Chris Hemsworth cannot fulfill? What gives Hemsworth his immense strength? Was he supposed to climb the ladder of success from birth? What does the future hold for his career? Let’s dig right away into his solar chart and explore what the planets are planning for Chris Hemsworth.

Blessed with Parivartana Yoga – The Reason Behind His Succesful Actor!

Born on Aug 11, 1983, in Australia, in Chris Hemsworth Surya kundli, he has natal Venus conjunct with Mercury and Moon in the Leo sign. This position indicates that he is destined to succeed in all his endeavors. However, at the same time, since the Sun is placed along with the fire planet Mars, thereby he is usually seen to be challenging the set standards. 

Chris Hemsworth Birthchart:

In addition, since Sun & Moon are in Parivartana Yoga, thereby he got a lot of appreciation and recognition as an Actor and Producer. His creativity made him stand apart in the crowd.

The placement of Ketu with Jupiter in the house of performance gives him the zeal to always do better in his life. He doesn’t want to stop; he is always open to learning and experimenting a lot. 

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Which planet Made Chris Hemsworth Centre Of Attraction?

In the upcoming year, benefic Jupiter will be transiting through the 9th and 10th houses, respectively. Thus, this will be a time for doing some extraordinary work. His main focus might be on improving the quality of his work.

However, since Saturn, the slowest moving planet of the zodiac, will be transiting through the 8th house thereby, at times, he will be bothered about the speed his efforts will take time to give him the desired results. On the personal front, he is a person who is liked and admired by all. This personality of Chris is likely to give him a lot of comfort, contentment, and happiness.

Overall, the coming year is favourable for Chris Hemsworth as he is likely to be blessed with success. At the same, his determination and energy level may help him to reach him new frame in his life.

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