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Will controversies affect Jwala Gutta’s performance?

Will controversies affect Jwala Gutta’s performance?

The feisty, left-handed badminton player Jwala Gutta is a famous face in the Indian sporting circuit. To her credit, she has won thirteen National Badminton Championships till now. One of the top doubles badminton players in the world, Jwala Gutta, however, has been in news for one or the other controversies in her personal as well professional life. Her personal life has been a cause of stir thanks to her messy divorce, her alleged association with former Indian cricketer Mohd. Azharudin and later his son. Professionally, she had got embroiled in a controversy in the IBL (the badminton equivalent of the cricket IPL), which led Badminton Association of India to impose a life ban on her, stopping her from playing in all national and international tournaments. However, not one to take things lying down, Gutta appealed to the Delhi High Court, which overturned the ban, and now the mercurial player has been allowed to play in all tournaments.

Though, following the court ruling, Jwala is ecstatic, gossip is that she may suffer owing to the negative press. Also, question like – will the controversy affect her morale, will she continue to perform as brilliantly as she has done in the past – loom large! Ganesha analyses her birth chart to find out.

Jwala Gutta

Date of birth:- 7 September 1983

Time of birth:- Unknown

City of birth:- Wardha, Maharashtra, India


Jwala Gutta is born with Swagruhi Sun conjunct retrograde Venus. This combination is Squared by Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter.

Mars the planet of vigor and vitality is debilitated in her chart. Mercury the primary significator of Tennis and batminton as a game – is exalted and retrograde in her chart. Saturn is also exalted.

So born with 2 exalted planets, 1 debilitated planet and 1 SwaGruhi planets, Jwala is going to remain in the limelight. Blame it on Rahu Square Sun for the controversies that she has been surrounded with.

Though she is ecstatic at the court order, will the controversy affect her morale?

Controversies are not going to affect her morale but performance will be affected till November 2014 as she is under the heavy influence of ‘Saturn Return’. Her Natal Saturn is in Libra (that’s why it’s Saturn return phase for her at present) and Rahu is also transiting over her exalted Natal Saturn. This means that her long term goals (signified by Saturn) will be affected of course and she wouldn’t be able to use her energy to the optimum till the said period.

Will she continue to perform as brilliantly as she has done in the past, in the future?

Jwala wouldn’t be able to perform as brilliantly as she has, in the past. In next 2 years and 3 months, we will see major fluctuation in Jwala’s performance. Her name although suggests aggression/enthusiasm and vigour (jwala = flame), she is likely to face some major debacles during the said period.

Ganesha’s Grace,

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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