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Acharya Dharmadhikari

Acharya Dharmadhikari

Experience :25 years

Expertise :

Stock Market, Commodity, Remedial Measures


To resolve the common problems, he has found some special techniques, which work well and eradicate the root cause of the problem. He thanks God for giving him birth in such a powerful and knowledgeable family. Also, he is obliged to his parents and colleagues, who provided patronage in each and every new idea he has tried to implement. He confidently takes up cases, and with his unmitigated dedication to astrology, solves their problems.


Best & Sincere HOD of Employees Award in 2005. Regular appreciation of his stock market predictions. Regular Media Presence: Moneycontrol.com, Rediff.com, Dalalstreet.com, Myiris.com, Outlookprofit(Magazine), Beyond_Market_Nirmalbung(Magazine)/, Moneymantra(Magazine), Smartinvestment(Magazine) ,The Economics Times,Sandesh Newspaper, DNA Money, Feellings Magazine, Phooljhap, Akila News Papper, Ahmedabad Times,Divyabhaskar News Papper, Rakheval News Papper, Movie Magazine(USA Edition), Ztv Gujarati,Etv Guajarati.


For the past 8 generations, his family has been into astrology and remedial measures. Besides his academic qualification in astrology, he has learnt astrology and remedial techniques from his father, Girishbhai Joshi, a well-known remedial master in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, whom people visit or call from overseas as well. Acharya Dharmadhikari lives in a joint family.


He loves to play and watch cricket. With a special liking for Vedic Literature, he has read a lot of it. Reading, he believes, provides due nurturing to one’s brain, and is a way of refreshment and recreation. Yoga is something he doesn’t miss doing a single day as he thinks that it keeps his energies balanced and helps him attain physical and mental fitness. Another thing he doesn’t skip doing is regular pooja, a practice he religiously follows since early childhood when he learnt to recite man

Reason For Choosing Astrology As Career

He believes that if God has created a problem, there ought to be a solution to it. Be it a human being or a tree, if not in good health or status, there must be some reason and it must have a solution too. He has been attempting at cracking such fundamentals, and continues to do so. He desires to dwell in remedial measures and help the world to the best of his abilities. Another equally strong desire of his is to help people with unbeatable accuracy of stock market and commodity predictions because, with practice, he has found that it is surely possible to predict every single move in the market.