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Which dog breed you should go for based on your zodiac sign

Our zodiac signs are not just clusters of stars in the night sky, they have the power to tell us our strengths and weaknesses. Be it finding your best friend or your life partner, zodiac signs give us an easy heads up on how the compatibility cards will play out. But we often forget the stars when it comes to making a life-altering decision, getting a dog. Different dog breeds possess different characteristics and finding the one which fits your energy holds the secret to being a good dog parent.

Aries are known for their strong leadership qualities and energetic selves which makes German Shepherds ideal for them. Known for their loyalty and bravery, this breed is also highly trainable.

Known for being loyal and enjoying the finer things in life, finding the perfect dog breed for Taurus is a relatively simple task. The Bolognese dog breed’s relaxed and friendly nature fits perfectly with Taurean’s sociable nature

Full of energy and curiosity, Geminis are better suited with a breed that comes with these attributes. A chihuahua’s lively nature fits like a glove with this sign. Also, their ever-ready enthusiasm means that the two will always be up for new adventures.

People with this sign are extremely family-oriented and give their personal relationships the topmost priority. They may also get insecure if not reminded that they are loved constantly. Pomeranians are the ideal breed because of that same love for cuddles. This breed also doesn’t require much exercise which fits beautifully with Cancer’s laid-back lifestyle

Natural born leaders and lovers of being the subject of affection, Rottweilers possess the same qualities as Leos. When trained well, Rottweilers are extremely loyal and protective of their owner while being a fluffy bundle of joy at heart.

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Always hardworking and diligent at their task at hand, Virgos also possess a softer side to them. A working dog like a Border Collie possesses the same values as this sign and makes them ideal for Virgo dog parents.

One of the gentler signs, Libras love harmony in their lives. A dog breed that helps them achieve that is what suits them best. Dogs like Siberian Huskies may look aggressive but their warm and loving nature is what a Libra desires.

Feisty and never afraid to try new things, not all canines can size up to a Scorpio’s spirit. But a Norfolk Terriers fearless and fun-loving attitude means that a Scorpio will never have to go on an adventure alone again.

Independent, energetic, and the life of the party, a Sagittarius is always seeking adventure be it travel or a new skill. They need a dog who will be up for any new mission that this sign sets on and an Australian Shepherds intelligent yet adventurous natures are perfectly suited for the task.

Passionate and determined with a meticulous drive, Capricorns need a pet which imbibes those same values. A St. Bernard’s playful and inquisitive nature matches with its owner’s characteristics seamlessly. One of the most beloved breeds for a reason, a St. Bernard is also a hard worker much like its owner.

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Intellectual and independent, this sign is attracted to dog breeds that stand out from the herd, much like them. A Lhasa Apso’s confident yet joyful demeanor paired with their striking coat are sure to make Aquarius fall in love with them.

An introspective sign, Pisces are creative and one of the most imaginative signs. A Poodle can be their ideal companion due to the same intelligence they share with the sign. Highly trainable, this breed can prove to be a loving companion to their owners.

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